Guj Updates:Only 30% of people are fully vaccinated, children do not get the vaccine; Where is India in terms of new variants and vaccinations?

The South African variant Omicro has again put the world in a quandary. Omicron, which is considered more lethal than the Delta variant, has so far spread to 13 countries. Many countries have banned flights from South Africa. Worryingly, the variant is also spreading to countries where more than half the population has received both doses of the vaccine.

Understand, what is the status of vaccination in the country? Which state has the highest number of vaccinations? Which states are currently receiving the highest number of corona cases? And what is the status of vaccination in the countries where Omicron is spread? …

First know the status of vaccination in the country
India has so far administered at least one dose of the vaccine to 1.22 billion people. Meanwhile, 430 million people have received both doses of the vaccine. Although the figures are higher in terms of doses, they are extremely low in terms of population. Only 56% of India’s population has received a single dose of the vaccine. However, only 30% of the population is fully vaccinated.

What is the status of states?
The highest dose of vaccine is given in Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh tops the list with over 150 million doses. It is followed by Maharashtra, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh. However, the population of these states is also high due to which the doses are also given here.

In which Indian state are new cases of corona found?
Kerala and Maharashtra have the highest number of new cases in the last few months. On November 28, 8309 new cases were found in the country, more than half of which were found in Kerala alone. Thus, Kerala has the highest number of active cases in the country. Kerala tops the country with over 47,000 active cases. It is followed by Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Karnataka. These states are at greater risk of new cases and active cases.

The pace of vaccination in the country has slowed down since September. About 230 million doses were given in September. More than 160 million doses were given in the country in the last 30 days. More than 160 million doses were also given in October.

Omicron has spread from South Africa to 13 countries. Many of these countries have completely vaccinated three-quarters of their population. According to experts, mutations could bypass the vaccine’s immunity. Since then, many countries have banned travelers from South Africa. This is a big risk for us as only 30% of India’s population is fully vaccinated.

What is the concern for us?

  • A total of over 1 billion 22 crore corona doses have been administered in India so far. 56% of them have taken single dose. However, only 30 percent have both doses. Cases of Omicron have also been found in countries where three-quarters of the population have been given both doses of the vaccine.
  • Many countries in the world are vaccinating children but India has not taken any decision on vaccinating children. This means that the population under the age of 18 in India is still out of reach of vaccination. At the same time, offline classes have been started in schools in most of the states.
  • There are about 100 million people in the country who have not taken the dose even after the second dose date. These figures are only up to October. It is believed that the number of such people may have increased due to negligence.
  • After the completion of the festival season, the wedding season has started in India. Most states have lifted restrictions on public gatherings. This is a matter of concern for India.
  • Elections are to be held in 5 states in the next few months. Electoral rallies proved to be a super spreader during Corona’s second wave. If the situation remains the same during the election, it could have serious consequences.