Supreme angry over pollution in capital:Construction was halted in Delhi, but work on the Central Vista continued

  • The government asked for an answer

The Supreme Court has expressed displeasure with the government over the hearing of a pollution case in Delhi-NCR. The court said that despite the directions, the result was zero. If the state governments do not implement the directives of the Air Quality Management Commission in the NCR and surrounding areas, the court will set up a task force.

Lawyer Vikas Singh, meanwhile, said construction was banned in Delhi-NCR, but the Central Vista project was working fast. On this issue, Chief Justice Ann. V. “We are working day and night to reduce pollution,” Ramna said, lashing out at the central government. Construction is banned on all sites, including Central Vista, Industry. Is the Central Vista project really working despite the restrictions? The government responds to this issue.

Court Live: The court said – the result is zero, if the directive is not implemented, a task force will be
formed at the beginning of the hearing. V. Ramana said pollution is still high and the transmission of corona has also increased. On this issue, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta said, “We are taking different measures for the virus.”
Mehta: The status of fuel-intensive industries other than PNG is available in Delhi-NCR.

  • Court: Which states have not complied with the directive?

Mehta: The Air Quality Monitoring Committee wrote a letter to Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab and Delhi six months ago asking them to shift the polluting industries, but no state has acted in this direction.

  • Court: If the directive does not apply, we may order the formation of an independent task force.

Mehta: This gap between compliance and non-compliance needs to be understood.

  • Court: Directed, but execution is nil. Ask the states what they did? These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. If they do not point out, creating a task force is the only option.
  • Petitioner’s lawyer Vikas Singh: The Central Vista project is no more valuable than people’s lives. We have videos that increase the pollution from the project dust.
  • CJI: We are struggling to control air pollution anyway. Be it Central Vista or anything else. The Solicitor General will have to answer. Just pay attention to certain points to distract. Applicants should not even try to write an order.

Polluted air breaks five-year record
in November The month of November this year has been the most polluted in Delhi in the last five years. According to statistics, in November 2016, there were 10 days of severe range i.e. Air Index above 400. There were 7 such days in 2017, 5 in 2018, 7 in 2019 and 9 in 2020. As of November 28 this year, the number of days with a serious series has risen to 12. The 14-day air index was in extremely bad and two-day bad series.

Schools started amidst pollution, work-from-home finishes
remained above AQI 400 in Delhi-NCR on Monday. School-college and other educational institutions reopened on Monday. Work from home facility in Delhi government offices was also completely canceled.