Wiki-Cat Wedding:Vicky Kaushal held Katrina’s hand while walking around, shared a wedding photo and said, I want your blessings

Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif got married today, December 9. The couple’s pre-wedding function lasted two days. The villagers had gathered on a high cliff in front of the palace to catch a glimpse of the wedding. Bollywood actresses Sara Ali Khan and Alia Bhatt will be here till night. Arjun Kapoor arrived at the hotel.

Vicky-Katrina’s Wedding Photos
Vicky Kaushal and Katrina shared their wedding photos on social media. Both provided identical images and captions. “We want your blessings at the beginning of a new life,” he said.

first glimpse of Katrina and Vicky’s skills was seen after the wedding. Pictures of the first glimpse of the two have gone viral in the social media. The couple wore fashion designer Sabyasachi’s outfit. The bride looked very pretty in Katrina’s red gown while the groom Vicky looked handsome in Kaushal Gold and White Sherwani. The two were seen holding hands and the wedding glow was seen on both their faces.

Only family members and close family members were present at the wedding which took place in Marda’s palace . The wedding ceremony began at 12 noon. The vintage car was found inside the palace. Vicky Kaushal then climbed on the horse and completed the rite of toran. Then the groom’s party and the bride’s party met. Vicky’s father Sham Kaushal introduced all the guests. The procession returned at 3:30 pm and then another wedding ceremony began. The wedding took place at half past five in the evening.

Vicky and Kate received the blessing of the elders after the marriage was consummated. All the executioners were seen in Safa and Sherwani. Katrina and Vicky’s wedding pavilion was specially designed. The pavilion is built in such a way that the temple comes in front of it. The porch was draped in orange, yellow and pink fabrics. Small tents were set up around the pavilion, where food and drink were provided for the guests.

Due to security, the palace was covered with black cloth.
Vicky Jaan came to Rani Padmavati’s palace. Here a pavilion was built in front of the temple and the two went round. On the other hand, the palace and the windows were covered with black cloth by the security guards so that no one could take a picture or photo of the bride and groom.

The hotel was thus covered with black cloth                                                                                                                                                     
The hotel was thus covered with black cloth
Arjun Kapoor came to Hotel Six Sense
Arjun Kapoor came to Hotel Six Sense

Divya Bhaskar has an exclusive photo of Vicky and Katrina’s wedding inside the palace . One picture showed Vicky’s mother Veena Kaushal getting ready while the other picture showed a guest.

Katrina-Vicky is very concerned about privacy.
Katrina-Vicky is very concerned about privacy.

15 tons of flowers arrived 15 tons of flowers came to the
palace from Ghazipur for the wedding. The porch inside the fort was decorated. First the pooja was performed and then Jaan entered inside the palace.

The Haldi Ceremony had 20-25 guests,
according to sources, the Haldi Ceremony was held on December 8 at noon. There were only 20-25 guests at this time. Bollywood songs were played during Haldi Serem.

Veena hints from this post that he put henna on Katrina's hand.
Veena hints from this post that he put henna on Katrina’s hand.

Mehndi by Gujarati artist was done on
7th December with the fanfare of Katrina Kaif’s Mehndi Serem. Vicky Kaushal’s name has been put in Katrina’s hands. Katrina was given henna by Gujarat Veena Nagda. Veena shared a picture on social media and admitted that she had indirectly put henna in Katrina’s hands. Veena Mehndi has left for Hyderabad immediately after the ceremony. Veena has put henna in the hands of many famous Bollywood celebs. Veena Nagda is originally from Gujarati.

Wedding card goes viral
Vicky and Katrina’s concubine has gone viral on social media amid a no-phone policy. This Kankotri has been shared on Katrina’s fan page.

The event company
provided gift hampers to the guests attending Vicky-Kate’s wedding at the request of the event company. The hamper also contained a letter. The letter went viral on social media. The letter said that you should keep your mobile phone in the room and do not take pictures of any wedding program and do not share it in social media. A digital media security sticker is affixed to the mobile camera of a guest if he wants to take his mobile phone inside from work. Doing so will prevent him from taking photos or videos inside in any way. Anyone attempting to remove a sticker could face legal action.

This protocol was used in
Ambani’s son before this was done in the marriage of Mukesh Ambani’s son Akash. Stickers were also affixed on mobile phones at Priyanka Chopra’s wedding.