Travel experience will be more convenient:Government will launch Bharat Gaurav Train, private player will also be able to operate; Travelers will also find local transport, hotel facilities

Railway Minister Ashwin Vaishnav on Tuesday announced the launch of the ‘Bharat Gaurav’ train
  • This train will take the tourist to this place of cultural heritage: Railway Minister
  • India has allotted more than 180 trains for Gaurav Train. Which will have 3033 coaches: Railway Minister

    Railway Minister Ashwin Vaishnav on Tuesday announced the launch of the ‘Bharat Gaurav’ train. More than 180 Bharat Gaurav trains will be run in the country. The special thing is that private players will now be able to lease the train. After which the train can be operated on any circuit of its choice. Will be able to determine the route, fare and quality of service of the train in its own way.

    The Society, Trust, Consortium and even the State Government may apply for the lease of this train and run it on a themed special tourism circuit. Railways said that themed tourism means train like Guru Kripa, which goes to all places related to Guru Nanakji, Ramayana themed train which goes to places related to Lord Rama.

    Launching another new segment scheme in train services , the Railway Minister said, “Bharat Gaurav will be another new segment in train services. Our country has so much cultural heritage. This train will take the tourist to this place of cultural heritage. The main purpose of this train is to promote tourism. This was preceded by the launch of the passenger and freight segments.

    Allotment of more than 180 trains The
    Railway Minister said, “We have allotted more than 180 trains for Bharat Gaurav Train. Which will have 3033 coaches. The application process for the operation of the train has also started. We have received a good response. ‘ They said, ‘Stakeholder will modify and run the train. The railway will help them with maintenance, parking and other facilities.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Railways are constantly increasing train facilities. The new Vistadom coach is a noble example.

    The process of leasing the Bharat Gaurav train

    • To get the train leased, one has to register with a one time fee of Rs. 1 lakh.
    • The allotment of coaches to all the applicants will depend on ‘come first, get first’ and availability.
    • Priority will be given on the basis of time and date of making rack security deposit.
    • The operator will have to deposit a security deposit of Rs 1 crore per rack.
    • Individual, Partnership Firm, Company, Society, Trust, JV / Consortium (Unincorporated / Incorporated).

    Each of these trains will have 14-20 coaches

    • The train can be leased for 2-10 years.
    • Each train will have 14-20 coaches, including two guard vans.
    • Railways will charge only holocaust charge and right to use fee.
    • A special unit will be set up in the railway zone for the convenience of the operator.
    • Operators will have approval for branding and advertising inside and outside the train.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Preparations are being made to expand luxury facilities like the Pod Hotel at Mumbai Central.

      Features like food, local transport, hotel

      • Travelers will have the option of luxury, budget coaches.
      • Train operators will have to provide sightseeing, food, local transport, hotel facilities at stopover places.
      • The operator will also have to provide facilities like onboard entertainment.