Tough days for investors:Investors in the stock market lost ~ 11.13 lakh crore after Diwali

The equity benchmark Sensex fell 949 points on Monday on rising global concerns over Omicron virus cases. According to market experts, the rise in Omicron cases in India has led to a fall in share prices of Indian companies. Investors’ assets have eroded by Rs 5,80,016.37 crore in the last two trading sessions. Investors have sunk 250 billion in cryptocurrencies over the past week. Crypto’s market value fell by 10 per cent due to factors including the Corona epidemic.

All-Time haithi Sensex lost 5500 points,
the market capitalization of the BSE Sensex on October 19 -21 62245 points scored after the historic peak of 5498 point decline ever. 11.13 lakh crore.