Threat of Corona Third Wave in the country:The Omicron variant has all the elements that could bring a third wave in the country, said the top scientist.

The new variant of the Corona Omicron could bring a third wave to the country. The main reason is that it is very contagious and powerful. One of the country’s top scientists issued this warning on Friday. He said that Omicron has all those elements which can cause a third wave.

Anurag Agarwal, director, CSIR Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, said that this variant has the potential to deceive the body’s immune system. This is not seen in any of the variants found so far. “People who have good immunity and are also vaccinated have hybrid immunity,” he said. The number of such people in our country is very high.

So far, two
patients have been found in India. Two patients infected with Omicron have been found in India so far. One is 66 years old and the other is 46 years old. Both the cases have come up in Karnataka. Samples of people they came in contact with have been sent for genome sequencing. Thousands have returned from the country at risk in the past month. The government has included countries where a new variant has been found in the at-risk category.                                                                                                                                                                         

Earlier it was said that the third wave will not come due to Delta +
. It was Anurag Agarwal who made accurate predictions about the Delta + variant. When there was an atmosphere of fear in the country regarding the Delta + variant, Dr. Anurag said that this would not be the cause of the third wave. They said there was no evidence that Delt + was related to a possible third wave of Corona. The Delta + variant was formed from a mutation of the Delta variant found in India. Due to the Delta variant, another terrible wave came to India.

They did this based on the data from a sample that came to their institute for genome sequencing. At that time, in June, more than 3500 samples taken from Maharashtra were subjected to genome sequencing. There were also April and May samples. There were many cases of Delt + variant in this sample. This variant was first found in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Some cases of this variant were also found in Kerala.

The third wave of SGPGI director also expressed fears have
recently Bhaskara Lucknow on Omicron spoke with the director of proarake Dhiman Sanjay Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGI). They also feared that this variant could cause a third wave. So we should not be careless.

Though not a single Omicron patient has come to Tamil Nadu so far, separate wards have been set up for him in Chennai.
Though not a single Omicron patient has come to Tamil Nadu so far, separate wards have been set up for him in Chennai.

first case of a new variant of the Omicron dangerous corona, due to further mutations, was found on November 24, 2021 in South Africa. Within two days of his identification, the WHO declared him a variant of concern. This is because it is more contagious and has more than 30 mutations in its spike protein. The Indian government has also said that Omicron is 5 times more contagious than Delta.

What does South African research on Omicron say?
Complaints of body aches, severe headaches and fatigue in people found infected.
2. No odor, no runny nose, no fever were reported.
3. The characteristics of Omicron are different and common compared to Delta variant.
4. Omicron variant is caught in RT-PCR test.