The Ministry of Finance informed:The government earned. 27.90 per liter from petrol and ~ 21.80 from diesel

The Finance Ministry provided the information after a question from Trinamool MP Mala Roy

The central government has charged Rs. 27.90 and Rs. 21.80 levies excise duty. The information was given by the Finance Ministry in response to a question posed by Trinamool Congress MP Mala Roy in Parliament. In a detailed reply, the government had said that the central government would pay Rs. 1.40 excise duty, Rs. 11 additional excise duty, Rs. 13 road-infrastructure cess and Rs. 2.5 The agri-development levies as infrastructure cess.

The total figure of this recovery is Rs. 27.90. Similarly, the central government has fixed Rs. 1.80 Basic Excise Duty, Rs. 8 additional excise duty, Rs. 8 Road and Infrastructure Cess, Rs. 4 Agriculture-Development Infrastructure cess is levied, the total figure of which is Rs. 21.80.

Petrol-diesel prices have been rising steadily in the country for some time now. However, recently the central government has slightly reduced its prices. The people have also breathed a sigh of relief after the Centre’s appeal. Petrol-diesel prices have been stable for the last 26 days. According to the price announced on Monday, the price of petrol in Delhi is Rs. 103.97 and diesel Rs. Is 85.57.

It is to be noted that the price of petrol-diesel changes every morning at six o’clock. The new price is applicable from 6 o’clock in the morning. Petrol-diesel prices are almost doubled with excise duty, dealer commission and other taxes.

In Ahmedabad, petrol was priced at Rs 95.13 per liter and diesel at Rs 89.12 per liter on Monday. Petrol and diesel prices have remained unchanged in the state since November 20, with no increase or decrease.

Petrol Rs 27.90 (Earnings)

  • 1.40 Basic excise
  • 11 Special Additional Excise
  • 13 Rs. Road and infra cess
  • 2.50 Agriculture cess

Diesel Rs 21.80 (Earnings)

  • 1.80 Basic excise duty
  • 8 Rs. Sp. Additional excise
  • 8 Rs. Road and infra cess
  • 4 Rs. Agriculture cess