The groom’s death in Patan’s Wahana village before the wedding rings resound, friend also dies during treatment

  • Deesa’s Dharpada was going to a wedding in the village, a bike slipped near Aseda, one died at Palanpur and another at Mehsana hospital
  • Six-month-old son loses father’s umbrella, dies in Mehsana hospital

Two friends from Wahana village in Saraswati taluka were on their way to a wedding in Dharpada village of Deesa taluka on Sunday evening when their bike slipped near Aseda. Where both died simultaneously. Injured Bharatji Bachuji Thakor died while undergoing treatment at Palanpur Hospital, while Bharatji Pradhanji Thakor died at Mehsana on Tuesday night. After the death of both the friends, Hibk climbed the village of Wahana.

મૃતક ભરતજી બચુજી ઠાકોર.
Deceased Bharatji Bachuji Thakor.

The 6-month-old son lost his father’s umbrella shadow due to his father’s death

Bharatji Bachuji Thakor, who died in the accident, was married and has a 6-month-old son in the family. This little boy lost his father and wife Pinkiben to their husband and became a mother-son Nodhara. The village was saddened by the death of two friends from the same village in a road accident.

Friends Bharatji Bachuji Thakor and Bharatji Pradhanji Thakor of Wahana village in Saraswati taluka were on their way to a wedding in Dharpada village on Sunday evening when they were passing on Dharpada-Aseda one-way road in Deesa taluka. The two occupants sustained serious head injuries and were shifted to a private vehicle for treatment.

ત્રણ બહેને એકનો એક ભઈલો ગુમાવ્યો.
One of the three sisters lost a brother.

Bharatji Bachuji Thakor, 25, a farmer, died at Palanpur Hospital on Monday night while undergoing treatment, while Bharatji Pradhanji Thakor, a third year student of the college, died at Mehsana Hospital on Tuesday night.