The case of Amazon-Future Group:Amazon files petition against ED in Delhi High Court, alleging harassment without cause

The ongoing dispute between Amazon and Future Group has now reached the Delhi High Court. This time Amazon has filed a lawsuit against the Enforcement Directorate (ED). It questions the ED’s investigation into foreign investment violations. ED has been investigating Amazon’s 200 200 million (approximately Rs 1,500 crore) investment in India’s Future Group for months. The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has suspended deals between Amazon and Future Group.

Amazon has been accused in an 816-page petition of being harassed for no reason, over a કરોડ 200 million (approximately Rs 1,500 crore) deal with Future Group in 2019. The investigation has issued summons to several Amazon executives and the President of India. The information sought in the summons issued by the ED regarding this is different from the deal of Future Group.

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wake of the ED’s notice in Amazon’s court filing, US e-commerce company Amazon has appealed to the court to clarify what kind of investigation authority ED has in the relevant case. The lawsuit filed by Amazon in court includes a notice issued by the ED on February 19, a copy of the agreement, bank account details and other internal documents. Amazon has also said that the ED is investigating on a large scale. It has sought details of Amazon’s major e-commerce sellers in India. It also contains account details of more than 5% of total sales on