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GujUpdates Interview:India needs to develop innovation culture fast to keep pace with global market: Sanjeev Mehta

If India wants to move forward, it should abandon the traditional style and adopt innovation The private sector is a major contributor to R&D and innovation in the US-Europe. Which is not just because of a particular place, but because of the growth in innovation there. If India wants to move forward, it has to abandon the […]

GujUpdates Interview:’Indian stock market boom phase is not over, this decline is a healthy correction’ – Ramdev Agarwal

Ramdev Agarwal, Chairman, Motilal Oswal Financial Services A correction of one thousand to two thousand points can come. If that happened then the market would be better The growth story in the IT sector will start now, the sector will be booming for 5 to 10 years Digital should not be ignored, this will be the […]

GujUpdates Interview:Of the 25,000 tonnes of gold reserves in Indian households, only 2,000 tonnes are in the loan market

In addition to the lower-middle class, HNI is now also taking gold loans! Gold loans are cheaper, faster and more secure than other personal loans. Due to which most of the private and government banks are offering gold. Out of the current 25,000 tonnes of gold reserves in India, only 2,000 tonnes of gold is in the […]