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Guj Explaner:Cryptocurrency is not controlled by any bank or country; Can’t the Indian government ban it even if it wants to?

The Lok Sabha bulletin was issued on November 23 and the Indian crypto market was in turmoil. The bulletin said that the government would bring a law on cryptocurrency in the parliamentary session. As soon as the news spread, about 100 million crypto investors in India panicked and the crypto market began to collapse. The next day, the […]

Guj Explaner:NASA will change the path of meteorites from missiles to save the earth, find out what this great experiment is, how to save the earth

NASA may launch its first dart mission of its kind to save the Earth today. The launch window of the spacecraft will open at 11.50 pm Indian time. This means that the mission can be launched after that keeping in view the weather and the rest of the conditions. In this mission, NASA will change the speed and […]

Guj Explaner:The school children will wear the same dress; What is the gender neutral uniform of Kerala, what will be the dress of girls

“Are you dressed like a boy?” If you are a girl, you may have heard these words from time to time while wearing a jeans-shirt. Boys often hear such words when dressed as ‘girls’. But no one can use these words for boys and girls in a school in Kerala. This is because the school has applied the […]