Stormy seas of Saurashtra:15 boats sank in Gir Somnath sea, 11 fishermen missing, help of two helicopters to find fishermen

The meteorological department had instructed the fishermen not to plow the sea

Mavthu has been happening in Gujarat for the last two days. It has rained with strong winds in many parts of the state. At that time 10 boats have sunk in the sea of ​​Gir-Somnath. In which 12 fishermen are also missing. The Gir-Somnath District Collector confirmed the incident and said that at present 4 fishermen have been rescued.

Helicopters were used to search for the fishermen.
Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel had instructed the district collector to make immediate arrangements for rescue relief by communicating with the district collector about the disappearance of 8 out of 12 sailors in 12 fishing boats at Gir Somnath’s Nawabbandar due to storms and rains. Following the instructions of the Chief Minister, the rescue operation was carried out by Coast Guard boats and two helicopters in coordination with the Coast Guard to find and bring back the missing fishermen on a war footing. The Chief Minister has also instructed Chief Secretary Pankaj Kumar to keep an eye on the situation.

Gusty wind Aurangabad late at night
, according to forecasts of the impact of the Western Department of the weather disturbance is the anniversary of the state’s different regions, districts mavatha form of rain accompanied by high winds. Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in the Arabian Sea, with low pressure creating a climate change. In which details have come to light that a big khumari was caused due to strong winds blowing at Una Nawabbandar of the district late last night.

Aurangabad sudden wind like hurricanes after 12:30 pm
According to the protagonist navabandarana somavarabhaina fisherman society, climate change for two days was found Una region. It was raining drizzle with cold wind blowing all day yesterday. After 12:30 pm on Thursday night, a sudden hurricane-like storm began to blow in the Nawabbandar area and the waves started bouncing as if the effect was also present in the sea of ​​the port. After two-one hours of continuous strong winds, it calmed down.

addition to the damage to 10 boats , Somwarbhai said that out of hundreds of fishing boats anchored off the coast of Nawabbandar due to strong winds blowing for two-one hours, about 10 boats were swept away causing total loss. As many as 40 boats collided with each other, causing minor and major damage. While 12 of the sailors aboard the anchored boats are missing at sea. Tantra has sought help to save Jenny’s search. Provincial officials, Mamlatdars and police officials rushed to the spot to inform the authorities about the incident.

According to Una Provincial Officer JJ Rawal, the rescue operation was carried out with the help of a helicopter. Rescue operations have been carried out with the help of helicopters to keep people together. In which 4 of the missing sailors have been rescued safely. The team is currently searching for the remaining missing sailors.

The system
has enlisted the help of the Coastguard and Navy to find the sailors who are still missing in the seaport of Nawabbandar due to strong winds blowing 8 sailors missing. Currently 1 Coastguard helicopter and 1 Navy plane are conducting a search in the seas around Nawabbandar. 8 vacancies are still missing.