Pashu Khandan Sahay Yojana: Cattle farmers will get 250 kg of free fodder at a 100% subsidy.

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India is an agricultural nation, hence both the central and Gujarat governments have introduced numerous programs to benefit farmers.

about which Pashu Khandan Sahay Yojana 2023 (Pashu Khandan Sahay Yojana 2022) will be discussed.

It is crucial to spread animal husbandry more widely every day in Gujarat. The government has a number of programs available for cattle farmers in this regard. Cows and buffaloes are fed wholesome food by herders. The local milk producer group has cattle feed available for purchase. The Pashu Khandan Sahay Yojana 2023 has been made available to give pregnant cattle food. The beneficiary must be a Dudh Mandali member in order to benefit from this program. The herdsmen’s pregnant cattle will receive free grain support of 250 kg under this plan.

Pashu Khandan Sahay Yojana

Name of the schemeMining Assistance Scheme
Objective of the schemeThe herdsmen of the state become self-sufficient by rearing more animals,
BeneficiaryEligible Cattle Breeders of Gujarat State
assistanceFree 250 kg mining aid will be provided.
How to ApplyOnline
Official website
Last date to applyDated 01/05/2022 to 15/06/2023

Pashu Khandan Sahay Yojana’s goal

 The primary goal of the Gujarati government is to increase cow production in order to make the state’s cattle farmers self-sufficient. It has been determined to help the mining industry in order to give the herdsmen incentives. The Animal Husbandry Department of the Gujarat Government will provide 100% support for the procurement of fodder, which is the primary feed for cattle. That is, pregnant animals will receive a free 250 kg grain subsidy.

Benefits offered to cattle under the Mining Assistance Scheme

The Gujarat state’s livestock farmers can benefit from this program. This Pashu Khandan Sahay Yojana of the ikhedut portal will help cattle breeders who are members of milk producer cooperatives. This program has different programs based on caste. The information that is included in the caste-specific applicable scheme is as follows.

  • 100% in-kind help is provided for 250 kg of animal feed grain per animal husbandry.
  • Assistance will only be available 1 (once) time each year per animal and per family who cares for the animal.
DMS-1(A. J. Ja.) Mineral assistance to pregnant cattle (cows/buffaloes) of ST caste herdsmen.100% in-kind assistance will be provided for a total of 250 kg of minerals per Scheduled Tribe beneficiary.
DMS-1(A.J.) Sc. Mining assistance to the fat cattle (cows/buffaloes) of tribal herdsmen100% in-kind assistance will be provided for a total of 250 kg of minerals per Scheduled Caste beneficiary.
DMS-1(General) Mineral support to fattening cattle (cows/buffaloes) of general breeds of herdsmen.100% in-kind assistance will be provided for a total of 250 kg of minerals per beneficiary of general caste.

Cattle Mining Assistance Programme Eligibility

The Animal Husbandry Department’s Gabhan Pashu Khandan Sahay Yojana has a number of eligibility requirements. which are listed below.

  • The recipient must be a resident of Gujarat.
  • A herdsman ought to be beneficial.
  • Having one’s own cows, buffalo, and other animals is essential for a pastoralist.
  • Pastoralists expect their cows and buffalo to be pregnant.
  • The recipient must belong to the dairy society.
  • livestock management Economically weaker groups like SC/ST, OBC, and general castes will gain.
  • The specifics of when the benefit was previously accessed must be provided in order to use this program through the I-shut Portal.
  • Applications must be submitted online through the I-Khedut portal.
  • Assistance will only be available once per animal per household who cares for the animal each year.
  • The District Milk Producers Cooperative Union must sell their grain at the price set by the State Government in order to be distributed.

Where do you want the document?

  1. Copy of Aadhaar Card
  2. Caste certificate if farmer beneficiary belongs to SC caste
  3. Caste certificate if farmer beneficiary belongs to ST caste
  4. Copy of ration card
  5. If the farmer is disabled, a certificate of disability
  6. Bank account linked with Aadhaar number
  7. Example of how many cattle you have
  8. Last, availed in how many years? Details thereof
  9. Details if a member of the Co-operative Society (if applicable
  10. Information if a member of the milk producer association (if applicable)
  11. Mobile number

How to apply?

Animal Husbandry Pashu Khandan Sahay Yojana benefits the animal husbandry. Cattle breeders have to apply online from i-khedut portal. Cattle breeders can also apply online for this scheme at home. And can apply online from VCE (Village Computer Entrepreneur) at Gram Panchayat. Following is the step by step information on how to apply online for Cattle Mining Assistance Yojana.

  • First you have to type “ikhedut” in Google Search.
  • Open the website from the results that come in Google Search.
  • After opening Ikhedut Portal click on “Plan”.
  • In it, after clicking on the scheme, open the “Pashupalan Schemes” on sequence number-2.
  • After opening “Pashupalan Yojana” where various animal husbandry schemes will be shown.
  • In which “Caste wise” schemes will be shown to help cattle breeders (cows/buffaloes) mining.
  • “In which you have to open the website by clicking on “Apply” against the scheme of the caste you belong to.
  • You will then be asked whether you are a registered applicant farmer. If you have registered then “Yes” and if not “No” has to be done.
  • If the beneficiary has not registered on ikhedut then he has to apply online by selecting ‘No’.
  • After filling the complete information in the online application, the beneficiary farmer has to click on save application.
  • After that the beneficiary has to check the details again and confirm the application. Note that once the application is confirmed, there will be no correction or increase in the application number.

What to do after applying online?

  • Beneficiary can get print based on his application after applying online.
  • After getting their prints, the herdsmen have to get the signatures of the concerned officials.
  • Finally, the requested document has to be uploaded on the ikhedut portal.
  • Thus, it will be considered successfully online.

Note:-  The application will be inwardly taken online by the concerned officer/office only if the correct and sufficient documents are uploaded along with the application signed/fingerprinted by the beneficiary. But if wrong / insufficient documents are uploaded online by the beneficiary, such application will not be inwarded online. In such circumstances the beneficiary has to present the remaining / correct documents in the concerned office within seven days of application.

How to check For Application status?

Cattle breeders can apply online for various schemes on the ikhedut portal. If you want to know the status after applying online, there is no need to visit the office. Beneficiaries of the state can know the application status through their mobile.

Get print after applying.

After making an online application on the khedut portal made by the animal husbandman, he can take a print out himself. The animal husbandmen have to print it out and get signatures and coins from the nearest milk-producer society and the concerned officer. Application Print can be obtained from the button given below.

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