Omicron now in Gujarat:A 72-year-old man from Jamnagar who took both doses of Chinese vaccine positive, 10 negative people who took both doses of Indian vaccine in contact with him.

  • In Mumbai also, one person was Omicron positive, a total of 4 cases were reported in the country
  • The 33-year-old patient from Mumbai came from Africa, Dubai, Delhi
  • The severity of Omicron will be determined after the findings of scientific research

    The first case of new variant of Corona virus Omicron has been reported in Gujarat. Koro, 72, who arrived in Jamnagar from Zimbabwe on November 28, tested positive. Their samples were sent to Pune. They were confirmed on Saturday to be Omicron positive. Meanwhile, in Mumbai’s Dombivali, a person from abroad was confirmed to be infected with Omicron.

    With this, the number of people infected with Omicron variant in the country has increased to 4. The old man from Jamnagar was quarantined at the hospital after he tested positive for corona. He took both doses of the Chinese vaccine Synovax. Tests of 10 people who came in close contact with him have come back negative. All 10 had taken both doses of the Indian vaccine. The fourth case of Omicron reported in Mumbai was that a 33-year-old man reached Kalyan Dombivali from South Africa via Dubai and Delhi.

    A 72-year-old man from Jamnagar , who is currently in stable condition from Zimbabwe , had symptoms of cold and cough. Since they came from Africa, the samples were sent to the Pune National Institute of Virology Center. The first case of Omicron was reported in Gujarat after its report came positive on Saturday.

    Isolate from the second day of arrival | The old man, who came from Zimbabwe on Jamnagar Morkanda Road on November 28 last year, has been isolated in the dental hospital since he got cold and cough. All precautionary measures have been taken .– Dr. Saurabh Parghi, Jamnagar District Collector

    The central government answered questions about the new variant

    • What is the probability of third wave due to omikron?

    Ans : The number of people infected with Omicron is increasing in South Africa and other countries. Which now includes India. The number of cases has increased rapidly but serious effects of this variant have not been seen yet. The effect of Omicron is likely to be less in India due to higher vaccination and higher seropositivity due to the Delta variant. However, scientific findings are awaited.

    • Will the vaccine work against this variant?

    Answer: There is no evidence that the current vaccine does not work on Omicron. However some mutations in this variant have affected the current vaccine capacity. The vaccine primarily enhances antibody and cell immunity, so the vaccine provides protection against a variety of diseases.

    • How much to worry about Omicron?

    Ans : Omicron variants of Concern range. Not only is the transition from its mutations rapid, but those who have previously been positive are also being re-infected. The results of scientific studies on this variant are awaited.

    • What steps should be taken to prevent infection?

    Ans : Masks and social distance must be taken more seriously. And those who have not received both doses of the vaccine should get the vaccine as soon as possible. Covid corresponding behavior is the best defense against Omicron.

    • Is the current method of diagnosing corona suitable for omicron as well?

    Answer : RT-PCR tests detect the presence of viruses in genes such as spike (S), envelope (E) and nucleocapsid (N). In the case of Omicron, there has been a massive mutation on the S gene. So this variant can be considered to be omikron when the S gene is transmitted. Genome sequencing is also required for confirmation.