Omicron in Ahmedabad:A further 11 cases of Omicron were reported, five of which had no travel history; The number of cases so far has reached 50

The city came up against 11 new Omicron cases on Saturday. Including 6 males and 5 females. Out of 11 cases of Omicron in the city, 6 cases have international travel history while 5 cases have no travel history. A total of 50 Omicron cases have been reported in the city so far, out of which 14 patients have recovered.

A further 4 omikron reports of patients admitted for treatment in the 1200 bed hospital of Civil have come positive, with these 4 omikron positive patients, a total of 5 omikron positive, 2 omikron suspicious and covid positive persons have been admitted in 1200 beds. The coward-positive youth was admitted to 1200 beds on Saturday evening. The government’s guideline is to send samples of all patients of Kovid Positive for G-Nom sequence of Omicron, samples of Kovid Positive Patient from the city in addition to patients coming from abroad at the airport have been sent to Gandhinagar for genome report.