November Auto Sales:Despite the scarcity of chips, Maruti’s sales grew, check the monthly sales of all the other companies.

Automobile companies have started releasing sales figures for the month of November. Companies like Escorts Tractor, Bajaj Auto, Ashok Leyland, TVS Motors, Tata Motors all suffered losses on the basis of monthly sales in November. However, the country’s largest automobile company Maruti has boosted sales. Monthly sales of escort tractors fell 47.3%. Also, Bajaj Auto has declined by 13.7% during the period. Let’s look at the sales statistics of all these companies one by one …

Sales of Maruti Suzuki up despite chip shortage
India’s largest automobile company Maruti Suzuki India Ltd’s sales rose 0.61% month-on-month to 1,39,184 units in November. The company said in a statement that the shortage of electronic chips was affecting its production. The company’s exports rose 0.33% month-on-month to 21,393 units. Sales in the min f and compact vehicle segment rose 5.6% to 74,492 units. However, sales of utility vehicles fell by 9.25% to 24,574 units.

Tata Motors’ Passenger Vehicle Sales Decline by 12.2%
Tata Motors Ltd’s Passenger Vehicle Division sold 29,778 units in November, down 12.22% from the previous month. On a monthly basis, Tata Motors’ domestic sales fell 12.18% to 58,073 units. Total sales of domestic commercial vehicles fell 4.43% to 32,245 units. Exports of commercial vehicles rose 61.3% to 3,950 units.

Ashok Leyland sold 10,480 units in November
, according to an exchange filing. Its domestic sales fell to 9,364 units from 10,0043 units last month. Sales of domestic medium and heavy commercial vehicles fell 11.2% to 4,661 units.

TVS Motors sold 2.72 lakh units in November
TVS Motor Company’s total sales fell by 23.19% to 2.72 lakh units in November as compared to the same month last year, as sales of bikes and scooters declined. Chennai-based two-wheeler and three-wheeler manufacturers sold a total of 3,55,033 units in October.
On a monthly basis, total two-wheeler sales stood at 2,57,863 units, up from 3,41,513 units in the previous month. Domestic two-wheeler sales fell 32% to 1,75,940 units. Bike sales fell 18% to 1,40,097 units. Scooter sales fell 33.6% to 75,022 units. Three-wheeler sales also fell 9.6% to 14,839 units.

Escorts tractor sales fell 47.3%
in November due to delays in kharif crop harvesting and post-season channel distocking. Tractor sales fell 47.3% to 7,116 units per month, the company said in an exchange filing. The company sold 13,514 units in the local market and 624 units in the international market.

Escorts said the decline in sales was sometimes accompanied by a drop in sales figures. Once the kharif crop is fully monetized, the cash flow should start improving. Right now the industry is in favor of the tractor industry.

Bajaj Auto sales down 13.7%
According to Bajaj Auto Limited’s exchange filing, it sold 3,79,276 units in November, down 13.7% from October. According to monthly sales, domestic two-wheeler sales fell 27.36% to 1,58,755 units. Also, two-wheeler exports fell 15.54% to 2,20,521 units. Sales of the company’s total commercial vehicles fell 18% to 40,803 units.