New twist on drugs scandal:Not one, not two … This is ‘600 Nabiras of Gujarat like Aryan Khan’.

  • However, like the Aryan case, the police have no solid or scientific evidence against these 600 Nabiras.
  • Like Wankhede in the Aryan case, the role of an IPS in this case has been debated in many controversial, wealthy families.
  • Family member flees to Dubai, another businessman seeks mediator

    In Gujarat, new bubbles are bursting every day in drugs coming by sea or from other states. Currently, Vandit Patel, who used to run a salon in the South Bopal area of ​​Ahmedabad, is also the talk of the town with his high profile drugs racket. It is now learned that about 600 names have been revealed from Vandit’s call-detail records (CDR) in this drug case running from the Dark Web. The 600 include well-known businessmen, builders and prominent family members of the city. Thus, it is no exaggeration to say that these 600 are actually becoming Nabiras like Aryan Khan in Gujarat.

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    If Vandit’s CDR is made public, the ballot box will be opened

    More than 100 kilograms of high party drugs, including marijuana and magic mushrooms, have been ordered from the United States. Police are now investigating Vandit’s CDR, but the shocking fact is that the CDR has revealed the names of well-known businessmen, builders and children of reputable families in the city. Although this does not prove anything, the police have contacted the families of many of these Nabiras, insiders said. Of course, Divyabhaskar has not received any confirmation of this.

    Unlike Aryans, there is no case against these Nabiras

    Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan was kept in custody for a long time in Mumbai’s Chakchari drugs scandal. In the end, the NCB did not find any supporting evidence against him for drug pedaling. For this reason, the High Court had also granted bail to Aryan. Exactly the same thing is happening in Vandit’s CDR. Just because one’s name appears in someone’s call-detail report does not provide solid or solid scientific evidence regarding one’s drug case.

    Distinguished families are shocked when a call comes from the police

    Now that the names of 600 Nabiras have appeared in Vandit Patel’s CDR, the police will investigate, but the news of Vandit’s exposure has caused silence among businessmen, builders and respectable families. Despite a phone call from the police in the name of investigation, such families are upset. Not only this, with the help of this family the process of ‘reconciliation’ with the police has been started.

    Like Mumbai’s Wankhede, Gujarat’s IPS could play a role in this case

    The role of an NCB official named Sameer Wankhede in the case against Aryan Khan in Mumbai was highly controversial. The name of Wankhede, who had been steadfast in his stance for a long time, was later the subject of much controversy. Not only that, he was also accused by NCP leader Nawab Malik of corruption. It is said that the role of an IPS in Gujarat may be similar to that of Wankhede.

    Home Minister Sanghvi has said, ‘1000 names, no one will be harassed’

    Minister of State for Home Affairs Harsh Sanghvi made an important statement at the inauguration of a new building of Ahmedabad Crime Branch recently. “I have a list of 1000 drug addicts, but we give them all a chance on a first-come, first-served basis,” he said. However, if anyone bothers the family of such youth, contact me immediately. But on the other hand, according to sources, a large number of people have been called by the police, who are now on the run.

    One builder’s son fled abroad, the other resumed the ‘settlement’ process

    According to sources, a builder has gone through all sorts of procedures to mediate his son’s name in Vandit’s CDR, while BK, the grandson of a large and controversial builder group, has been in Dubai for four days before his name was announced. This is not a matter of one or two builders or businessmen, but of the children of well-known and respected families of the city, so that the Home Minister has indirectly taken the responsibility of not doing anything wrong by the police.