Money Mood:Expensive Petroleum – The growing demand for housing has changed the financial trend

  • Demand for fuel cards increased 10-fold
  • Women using credit cards the most

    Amidst the Kovid epidemic, skyrocketing petrol and diesel prices and rising household demand have led to a major shift in financial transactions in the country. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.

    Fuel cards accounted for 13.1% of the total credit cards used in the country, up from 4.95% last year. Demand for fuel cards is likely to remain strong in the near future as almost all offices and schools and colleges are now open. According to the Bank Market Moneymood report released on Tuesday, another new trend has emerged this year.

    The number of women using credit cards has increased by almost 50%. The number of women among the total credit card users in the country has increased from 8.41% in 2020 to about 12%. Teenagers in particular are increasingly using credit cards. The number of credit card users among women up to the age of 25 has increased by about 175%, while all other categories have seen an increase of about 100%.