Modus operandi:Eight students from Surat formed WhatsApp group and stole in online exam, found minus point of software

  • Answers to questions, ticked screen shots, PDFs found

Undergraduate students of Narmad University discovered the minus point of online exam software. So the university has ordered the agency to improve the software.

Sources said that 8 students formed WhatsApp group. From which PDFs of books were found. He was taking exams in college with his smart phone. It was then that the superintendent noticed that a student was looking at the WhatsApp by minimizing the screen. So as soon as he checked his phone, he found the answers to the questions in the WhatsApp group, ticked screen shots, PDFs, etc. Later the students started to be left. So the superintendent took a screen shot of all the matters and made a case of malpractice and sent the fact. Students were able to minimize the screen. The agency has been instructed to rectify the situation so that if Sreen minimizes, the examination will be canceled.

The 7 who were left out of the group were discovered in this way
. Which were then checked by entering numbers in the software. In which all the data of the students was found. The number list was also sent to the college. Wherever the students got the data. Since both the data were identical, Fact had registered a case of malpractice against seven students.

The students were stealing like this: Eighth students told Fact that they were reading the question, mini-mizing the screen, looking for it in the book and writing the answer. Then put his screen shot in the group. So the other students were writing the answer. That’s what eight students did.

Penalty of 500 for all 0 marks: Eight students apologized for admitting their mistake against the fact. So Fact heard eight students as per the rules. After which eight students were given a fine of five hundred rupees along with giving zero marks in that subject.