Lockdown again in China !:Corona cases escalate in Xi’an city, strict lockdown, 13 million people ordered to stay at home

  • In Xi’an, 52 new cases of corona virus were reported on Wednesday
  • The number of corona in the province has risen to 143 since December 9

    Cases of coronary heart disease are on the rise worldwide. Meanwhile, a strict lockdown was imposed on Wednesday in the northern Chinese city of Xi’an. The government has announced strict restrictions and ordered 13 million people in the city to stay at home.

    While the Chinese capital, Beijing, is set to host the Winter Olympics next year, in February 2022, China is on high alert again as Corona’s case escalates.

    52 new cases of
    corona in Xi’an 52 new cases of corona virus were reported in Xi’an province on Wednesday. The number of corona in the province has risen to 143 since December 9. The provincial government then issued an order saying that from Thursday night, only one member of all households in the city could be sent to buy essential items only once in two days. Everyone else is ordered to stay indoors.

    government has ordered the people of Xi’an not to leave the city unless absolutely necessary, following the announcement of the order after testing began . The government said that if people wanted to leave the city, they would have to provide special conditions and apply for approval. The orders were issued after testing began on the province’s 13 million residents.

    School closures, bus-train passenger capacity reduced
    , long-distance bus service from the city has been suspended Authorities have set up transit checkpoints on highways outside Xi’an province. 85% of flights to and from the city’s main airport are banned. So the city’s local transport such as bus and train passenger capacity has been reduced. The school has also been closed.