Layer:326 crore water of the unemployed + 120 crore hours of erosion + unbearable mental torture = paper leak

  • Rupee greedy scammers tore up papers, police investigated and arrested the accused
  • Even if the government announces a pass to the chairman of the secondary service, the innocent candidates who have spent a lot of money to get a job will now have to make new preparations.

    The government has decided to cancel the head clerk’s examination which was held a few days ago and by announcing that a new examination will be held in March 2022 in an attempt to cover up the issue, the question arises as to whether the 88,000 candidates who Spent thousands of rupees and worked hard for hours. However, at the present stage neither the chairman of the secondary service nor the government has any answer to this. Then, some shocking facts came out when Divya Bhaskar tried to get information regarding the administrators of the classes preparing for the competitive examination and what is the psychological effect on the candidate when the examination is canceled.

    Proved effective candidates grease
    seeking academics Rajkot and candidates preparing to get a government job for years Experts said that the heads are required to prepare at least eight months for any candidate to pass His exam and are required to study six hours a day. If a candidate prepares according to this working style, a person has to spend 1,440 man-hours in eight months. In Gujarat, 88,000 candidates appeared for the Head Clerk’s Examination. At all these hours, at the present stage, the water has turned again. Now you have to prepare anew by March and pay the class fees separately.

    In addition
    , 88,000 candidates have to pay crores of rupees in fees as well as board and lodging expenses. The administrators of the classes say that most of the courses are of three months duration and different classes have different fees. Fees ranging from Rs. 12,000 to Rs.

    A burden of Rs 326 crore
    would be incurred if calculated accordingly 88,000 candidates had prepared by paying a fee of Rs 308 crore. 30% of the candidates are those who have to go to another city to prepare for competitive exams. They have to spend five to seven thousand rupees a month in addition to the monthly fee. If it is calculated, about 18 crore rupees is spent by 30% of the students for accommodation and meals. Fees and accommodation are estimated at more than Rs 326 crore.

    It took three to eight months to prepare.
    Crores of rupees and man-hours. If the decision taken by the government is taken instinctively, the candidates are most shocked that the examination will be canceled. Because, they had been preparing for three to eight months in a row, paying the fees for classes, living apart from the family, staying away from entertainment, yet all these things have been watered down so it is the turn of such candidates not to be tolerated. Experts are saying that it has fallen.

    This path can also be adopted
    In the last few years in Gujarat, more than 9 papers have been leaked in the examination for government recruitment and in almost every case the examination was canceled. The head clerk exam was given by 88,000 candidates. There were 186 vacancies so out of the 186 candidates who appeared for the exams, they had to get the job for sure. Because they worked hard and were smart. However, when the government canceled the exam, there was another way to take this decision. Excluding the leaked paper which reached the scam candidates, the merit list should be declared after passing ten times the number of candidates to be recruited, then 178 of them should be selected after re-examination of those candidates. If this is done then those who were gifted candidates. They will not be wronged, their human hours will be spared and they will not have to suffer mental anguish.