Investment talk:The AUM of PMS, AIFs in the country will increase to 50 lakh crore in the next 10 years

Investors are now increasingly investing in modern media instead of the traditional retail investment medium. As a result, the asset base of Portfolio Management Services (PMS) and Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) is expected to cross Rs 50 lakh crore by 2031.

PMS and AIF are emerging as strong options to increase wealth and investment. PMS and AIF industry with 20% annual growth till 2031. 50 lakh crore. PMS and AIF products offer strong returns.

The AUM of discretionary and non-discretionary PMS (non-EPFO) stood at Rs 3.97 lakh crore at the end of October. Global Transparency, Unique Investment Strategy, will cross the 24 trillion mark by 2031 with strong returns. AIM of AIF in all categories is 4.87 lakh crore.

Growth has been driven by factors such as lower FD rates, strong returns, lower fixed interest rates on fixed deposits, availability of information, growth rate in emerging markets, as well as structural changes in capital formation. Given the reforms undertaken by the regulation, India’s alternative industry will follow the global trend and increase investment opportunities in India, said MK CEO Vikas M Sachdeva. The medium of AIF and PMS Long Term Wealth Creation offers many benefits such as further customization with investment strategies tailored to the risk potential of PMS investors.