Investment Craze:About 70% of investors investing in mutual funds have an annual income of Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakh

The annual income group of 1 to 5 crore accounts for 31% of the total AUM of MF

Mutual funds have become the most preferred investment tool for low earners. Out of a total of 1.82 crore investors investing in mutual funds, 70 per cent have an annual income of Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. Between 5 lakhs. However, it accounts for 29 per cent of the mutual fund’s total assets under management.

Minister of State for Finance Pankaj Chaudhary said in the Lok Sabha that the number of unique investors with an income of less than Rs 1 lakh is 1633909. The share of individual investors is 8.80 per cent. Those who have invested a total of Rs. 1.44 lakh crore. 11366741 investors with an annual income of Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakh hold 61.21 per cent stake in mutual funds and 24.04 per cent stake in AUM (771650 crore).

The number of such investors who earn Rs 10 to 25 lakh a year is 14.31 lakh. Their total investment is Rs 3.61 lakh crore. They account for 7.71% of the total number of individual investors and 11.27% of the total AUM. 4.22 lakh people earning between Rs 25 lakh and Rs 1 crore invest in mutual funds. His stake is 2.27% and his total investment is Rs. 3.40 lakh crore. Their share in total investment is 10.61%.

Investors earning in crores are not interested in
MFs. Investors are investing in mutual funds more than earning more. Only 245 investors with an annual income of Rs 5 crore invest in mutual funds. Those who have a total of Rs. 408 crore has been invested. On the other hand, the number of investors with an annual income of 5 to 10 lakhs is 35.81 lakhs. Those who have a total of Rs. With an investment of Rs 5.98 lakh crore, the mutual fund accounts for 18.64 per cent of the total AUM. The 1.35 lakh investors of the mutual fund have an annual income of Rs 1 to 5 crore. Its AUM is highest at Rs 9.93 lakh crore (31 per cent stake).

Investment in B-30 cities increased: Rs 6.46 lakh crore was invested in MF in 2020-21 in B-30 cities after the country’s top-30 cities. Which in 2019-20 is Rs. Shows 86% growth against Rs 3.48 lakh crore. The systematic investment plan (SIP) is growing rapidly in small towns as SEBI conducts investor awareness campaigns.