How To Update Ration Card: 2 New Way

How To Update Ration Card: We may need to update our ration card with the names of new members. A member’s name may have to be changed. Aside from that, your phone number may need to be updated. However, most people are unaware of how the ration card is updated. If you want to update your ration card as well, carefully read the information provided here.

The Food Department has supplied both an offline application and an internet medium for updating the ration card. However, most ration card holders are unaware of the proper method for updating their ration card. So, how about we walk you through the process of updating your ration card step by step? So let’s get started.

How To Update Ration Card: 2 New Way

How To Update Ration Card
How To Update Ration Card

How To Update Ration Card Offline?

  • To update the ration card, you must first obtain the ration card update form. This form can be found in the Food Department or the Customer Service Centre.
  • Download the online ration card update form from the URL provided here – URL
  • Fill out the application form carefully after receiving it. Ration card number, head name, father/husband name, mobile number, and so on.
  • Then fill in the details of whatever information you want changed on your ration card. Address, the addition of a new member name, deletion of any member name, mobile number, and so forth.
  • After thoroughly filling out the update form, attach the passport-sized photo of the head.
  • After that, place the applicant’s signature or thumb impression at the bottom.
  • The paperwork for updating the ration card must be submitted. The list of all required documents is provided below.
  • Submit the completed ration card update form to the clerk/kiosk officer at the food department.
  • After reviewing your application, the ration card will be updated within the time frame specified.

How do you update your ration card online?

  • First, go to the Food Department’s official website,
  • Following that, select the Ration Card Service option from the menu.
  • Choose the name of your state now.
  • After opening your state’s food portal, log in using your username and password.
  • If you have not yet registered, you can obtain a username and password by first registering.
  • Select Ration Card in the service after logging in to the State Food Portal.
  • The online ration card updating form will now be shown. Fill it out with care.
  • After completing the form, upload all of the required papers.
  • After uploading the papers, submit the form.
  • If the option to update your ration card is not available on your state’s food portal, go to the nearest customer service center.
  • Will submit the application for a ration card update online after collecting your information at the Customer Service Centre.
  • Your ration card will be updated within the time frame specified after you submit an online application.

Documents necessary for ration card renewal

  • Original surrender certificate issued by the relevant authorities in connection with the revocation of a prior ration card.
  • Regarding residency changes, such as an electricity/water bill, a local body’s house tax receipt, and an attested photocopy of a voter ID card.
  • To register a newly married woman’s name, remove the name from her father’s ration card, and obtain a marriage registration certificate.
  • The Municipal Corporation / Municipality / Panchayat issues a birth certificate to register the child’s name.
  • A photocopy or affidavit of a previously issued ration card is required for a duplicate ration card.
  • Ration Card in its original form.
  • For a change in age, provide a self-attested copy of your birth certificate or an education certificate.
  • For name removal, a death certificate, a marriage registration certificate, a self-attested copy of a divorce certificate, and a self-attested statement of abandonment are required.
  • Affidavit from a First Class Magistrate attesting to a name change.
  • Affidavit of self-attestation.
  • other documents.

In summary –

To update the ration card, the appropriate application form must be obtained. After that, fill out the form and attach a copy of all essential documents before submitting it to the Food Department. Your ration card will be updated once your application has been reviewed. To update your ration card online, go to your state’s food portal or call the local customer care center.

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