How To Hide Your Photo On Android Device

How To Hide Your Photo On Android Device: We Think Daily Many People Find On Google How To Hide Photo On Android Device, so we today know to you how to hide sensitive Photo Or Video on Android Devices.

How To Hide Your Photo On Android Device

How To Hide Your Photo

here we suggest some good apps for how to hide your photos on Android Devices, Also say how to hide photos without any app. First, we say to all that some Mobile Brands in their latest Android smart devices are already given an option. also, we give suggestions about the calculator hide Photo & Video app.

Calculator Hide Photo & Video App

Calculator Lock is a vault app that can secretly Hide Pictures, Hide Videos without anyone knowing as a gallery lock installed in your phone looks like just a regular calculator. Your files will be secretly stored in the vault and can only be viewed after a Numeric PIN is entered into the calculator.

With Calculator photo vault you can easily transfer photos or videos from your phone’s public gallery into the vault for privacy. The hidden calculator keeps your photo albums absolutely secure thanks to its smart password and interface. Download the Photo Vault calculator now to get the best privacy for personal photos/videos on your phone.

Hide photos and videos app with the calculator application icon and keep your privacy safe. You can import your private images, videos, audio, and files into this secure repository and no one knows its existence except you.

Top Features

  • Calculator Photo and Video Locker app let you hide personal images and short videos or long movies with advanced protection. Organize your photos to manage easily using folders. You can also hide multiple images and videos.
  • Calculator video lock, calculator photo vault, no one knows its existence except you
  • Calculator photo lock vault: Click on the plus button at the bottom of the calculator app lock and then select safe locker media from the Device and click the lock calculator button to hide the calculator into the photo lock app.
  • Lock files, notes, and contacts in a secret calculator lock
  • Capture photos of intruders when someone tries to break into your privacy by entering the wrong passwords with time.

Restore photo and video

  • Once you Hide Pictures and Lock Videos inside the vault, You can anytime use the export icon provided in the vault app to unhide your media whenever needed.
  • Your files are stored only on your device, so please make sure to back up all your hidden files before transferring them to a new device or factory reset.
  • App Source From: Google Play Store

How To Hide Your Photo On Android Device: Important Link

Calculator – Hide Photo, Video App: Download Here

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