How to Check 7/12 and 8A Land Record On AnyRoR at

How to Check 7/12 and 8A Land Record On AnyRoR at As we all know Land is an important resource. AnyRoR stands for Any Record of Rights Anywhere. In Gujarat state, for obtaining the land record the AnyRoR will be started. From here you will get the details about AnyRoR as well as how to check Land Records Online by Any RoR. So, let’s see the details…

How to Check 7/12 and 8A Land Record On AnyRoR

How to Check 7/12 and 8A Land Record On AnyRoR Online:

  • First, go to the office official site of AnyRoR or go to
  • After that click on the button View land Record.
  • Now select any of the options as per your requirement.
  • Then enter your land details like District, Talukas, village, survey number/Khata number.

After that enter the verification code and click on the get details button. Now you can check Any RoR district from the following.

About Any RoR:

AnyRoR is software for recording online Land Records of Gujarat State. This software is developed by the Revenue Department and NIC (National Informatics Centre). By using the Any RoR you can check Gujarat Land Records like VF7, VF 8A, VF 6 and VF 12. This software has been successfully established in 225 talukas and 26 districts. So, instead of travelling all the way to e-dhara or e-gram centre, you can check and verify your land record. By visiting the AnyRoR site you can check your RoR online.

Requirements of Land Records:

  • Personal and Legal Needs
  • Establishing land title for purchase and sale
  • Open bank account
  • Check the status of the alteration
  • Raising farm credit or bank loan
  • Land division among family members
  • Types of Land Records in Gujarat AnyRoR:
  • VF7: Village Form 7 is known as 7/12 or satbara utara.You can access your land details, ownership details of specific land, boja, and other rights details from the VF7 form.
  • VF 8A: Village Form 8A provides Khata details. From this form, you can access Khata Number and Owner Details.

VF6: Village Form 6 is a register maintained by Talati or Village Accountant to integrate day-to-day changes in land records. By using this you can check any changes in entry details. 135 D: 135 D is a Notice to Mutation. When you apply for Mutation, Talati prepares Notice 135D. This notice is served to Khatedar’s concerned relevant parties and any other interested parties for any objections.

What is E-Dhara???

E-Dhara is a land Record Management System. This system provided the issuance of a computerized RoR account. So, the E-Dhara system consists of, Issuance of computerized RoR from the dedicated counter in the Taluka office.

Receiving mutation application and processing it in online mode was envisaged to be in place immediately.

Process for getting a certified computerized copy of the Gujarat Land Record:

For getting a certified computerized copy of VF 7/12/VF 8A or VF 6 you should follow the below given steps. First of all, you should visit the nearest e-Dhara Kendra. E-Dhara Kendras are available at the local Taluka Mamlatdar office.

After that at the local e-Dhara Kendra, you can request for RoR print. For this, you must have the survey number, farm Name, Khata Number or Khatedar Name.

  • Now operator will confirm records and print 7/12 or 8A from the computer.
  • Then your RoR sign and stamp by Mamlatdar or any nominated person.
  • You will pay 15/- charges.
  • Finally do the signature on RoR which is totally computerized.

The benefit of AnyRoR or Any Records of Right Anywhere:

  • Reduce chances of Thievery
  • You don’t go here and there
  • Access land detail by entering some details
  • You can access the land details online

Any ROR 7/12- 8A Gujarat

RoR records show details of property ownership, survey number, kind of land, sprinkling methods, crop information etc. This document is essentially taken by farmers for land transactions (mutations), getting crop loans, givebacks linked to the size of the land holding etc. Property, an important information is regularly in limited source. Purchasing a land record is an important requirement as it is needed for different legal objectives like levy and collection of various taxes and land revenue etc. In Gujarat to purchase land records, the AnyRoR project has actually been initiated. The primary aim of this property is to change the regular procedure of land recording and commence the online method whichever is simple and clear.

Online land record property has been successfully established in all 26 districts and 225 talukas. Different from the Talati, E-dhara has designed a new resource of revenue records. It has allowed a lot in land-mitigation cases. You might get more information regarding online land records by visiting.

Required Things For Land Records

  • To Acquisition, inheritance Sell Land, etc.
  • Get Plant Loans to increase farm credit or Bank loans, Kharai, Varsai, hypothecation of land, getting electricity connection, subsidies, Change Ownership, Transfer of ownership, etc.
  • require Land Records for said mentioned reason to verify and develop, update and provide details and for analytics purposes.

To develop land title during sale/ purchase of land and during signing up of property. For land department within family members, Legal and personal Purpose.

How to Acquire Land Record?

Once automaticing the land recording procedure, government of Gujarat has set-up E kendras in different places of the state. Each and every office is located at Taluka Mamlatdar Office. The farmers might receive the duplicates of their ownership documents and can easily check the detailed information of their land records. AnyRoR, a software associated to the process is been integrated for satisfaction of Gujarat citizens. The farmers may easily receive (Record of Rights) RoR copies form the village panchayat itself.

Throughout this software you are actually easily ready to get relevant information and facts about renter, crop, irrigation, mutation application, entry status, stats of land use, term and land type. You might search the facts or request for the RoR printout by entering Khatedar name, khata, number, survey number, farm name and additional such related keywords. The e-dhara deputy or any type of other nominal person signs the RoR and stamps the printout and give it over to the applicant. A fee of about Rs.15 is collected from the applicant. At E- dhara centre evolution of Village Form No-6, Village Form No-7 and Village Form No-12 are recorded.

How to Check 7/12 and 8A Land Record On AnyRoR

Information and facts Systems is The New Era, in which technology created easy day by day and digitalise all of the details everywhere. Therefore government requires such process which must be very easy to access, Sustain modify and can be available from anywhere by working with any equipment whether mobile or computer. The Solution simply with digitalizing all land record in one central control and keep over there so almost any persons can quickly read the land record online using Any ROR portal.


Record of Rights is the best crucial declaration in land revenue records since it is the primary record that displays how rights on land are received for owner or land holders and consequently record the transactions made in records of rights from time to time. Record of rights has been in the kind of record, whichever includes following information of all rights given under.

How to Check 7/12 and 8A Land Record On AnyRoR

Previously signed up or unregistered documents,. By heritage, by vocally deciding to or normally received as well as those of land-owner occupier,. Householder, farmers, residents or private rights of those people who are authorized to collect ownership or revenue of the land as well community rights and rights of consolation and all Government rights on the land.

How to Check 7/12 and 8A Land Record On AnyRoR

Then the said rights are added into index of land as per serial number of survey number of each and every village and different openings are made as per property of sub-part (peta-hissa) of each survey number or Khata Number. Objectives of AnyRoR:

How to Check 7/12 and 8A Land Record On AnyRoR

The major aim of this kind of project is to automatic the procedure and to update and keep the land records in a safe method.

How to Check 7/12 and 8A Land Record On AnyRoR

To keep much better visibility and reduce the tampering of records.Farmers might simply check their land record and evolution information by going to any nearby E-dhara Kendra. It ensures the self-sustainability of the system.

How to Get Certified Copy of Any ROR Gujarat Land Records/ 7 12 Utara? Keep in mind that online duplicate copy of anyror gujarat 7/12 utara is simply for info reason, the certification copy of any ror anywhere Gujarat land record 7/12 Utara, 8A Entry form may be received E-dhara kendra with Survey No, Khata No, Farm Nameor Khatedar Name with you although asking for RoR print. Once paying a simple fees, get Received Certified copy of Advanced RoR with stamp. AnyROR Software Best method to receive duplicate copy of Land Records (7 12 Utara, 8A) using Any ROR Anywhere website.

Get the map view, ror view and check the current owner and change of ownership etc. Mutation Details. As you seen all the government information online including land records of Anyror. So if you have any query regarding Any ror, 7/12 nakal just write your query our team will try to solve your query as soon as early possible. Keep visited website regular updates & news Any RoR: Anywhere Land Record in Gujarat State

How to Check 7/12 and 8A Land Record On AnyRoR?

AnyRoR is stand for Any Record of Rights Anywhere. Any RoR is the online Land Record software of Gujarat State. It is developed by National Informatics Centre (N.I.C.) in association with Revenue Department of Gujarat. AnyRoR provides Gujarat Land Records (VF 7, VF 8A, VF 6 and VF 12) online. Now no need to travel all the way to the e-dhara or e-gram centre to keep a tab on your plot of land and verify its records. You can check your RoR online on Gujarat Government’s land record portal Here users can get details of the RoR by selecting the location and survey number of the land.

How to Check 7/12 and 8A Land Record Online on AnyRoR website?

  • Open AnyRoR Gujarat website ( by clicking here.
  • Click on “View Land Record” to check RoR (Records of Rights).
  • Select any of the following options as per your Record requirement:

Enter Verification Code (Captcha) and click “Get Detail” button to generate desired report. You can check Any RoR of following districts on


Ahmedabad, Amreli, Anand, Aravalli, Banaskantha, Bharuch, Bhavnagar, Botad, Chhota Udaipur. Dahod, Dang, Devbhoomi Dwarka, Gandhinagar, Gir Somnath, Jamnagar, Junagadh, Kutch, Kheda. Mahisagar, Mehsana, Morbi, Narmada, Navsari, Panchmahal, Patan, Porbandar, Rajkot. Sabarkantha, Surat, Surendranagar, Tapi, Vadodara and Valsad district.

How to get certified computerized copy of Gujarat Land Records?

  • If you want computerized certified copy of 7/12 Utara, 8A or 6 entry follow the given steps here
  • You should visit nearest e-Dhara Kendra. You can find e-Dhara Knedra at local Taluka Mamlatdar office.
  • At local e-Dhara Kendra you can request for RoR print. Please note that you must have Survey Number, Khata Number, Farm Name or Khatedar Name with you while requesting RoR print.
  • Operator will confirm records details first then will print 7/12 or 8A from the computer.
  • e-Dhara Dy Mamlatdar or any nominated personnel signs and stamps requested computerized RoR, which is handed over to you.

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Note: User charges of Rs. 15/- are collected. Signature of applicant for receiving computerized demanded RoR is taken in RoR issuance register.

Any RoR Android App is the only official website for checking and downloading RoR. 7/12 Utara, Form 8A etc in the Gujarat State. Do not use other websites or mobile apps with similar names. Till date there is no official Any RoR Android App released by Gujarat Revenue Department. However apps developed by some private firms are available on Google Play Store. If you still want to download AnyRoR app for your android mobile, download it from only reliable site like Google Play Store