Guj Explaner:The school children will wear the same dress; What is the gender neutral uniform of Kerala, what will be the dress of girls

“Are you dressed like a boy?” If you are a girl, you may have heard these words from time to time while wearing a jeans-shirt. Boys often hear such words when dressed as ‘girls’.

But no one can use these words for boys and girls in a school in Kerala. This is because the school has applied the same dress for both boys and girls. The school’s decision is being welcomed across the country. It is said that this initiative will help the children to develop the idea of ​​gender equality.

Understand, what is the whole matter? Why has the school taken this step? What is a Gender Neutral Uniform? And what other initiatives are being taken to increase gender equality in schools around the world? …

Find out the whole story behind this step.
This school in Kerala implemented gender neutral dress code in 2018 for about 200 pre-primary students. It was planned to apply this dress code to all the students of the school next year, but due to Corona the school was closed and the work could not be done. This dress code is applicable to all students if schools like Lockdown are reopened.

At present the school has a total of 746 students. The consent of students and parents was sought before making this decision. The school management says that both the students and the parents are happy with this decision.

Recently, a college in Kerala asked a female professor to come to the college wearing a sari. The professor refused to do so. After the controversy escalated, Kerala’s higher education department issued a circular saying that women have the freedom to wear the clothes of their choice in the workplace.

Now, why did the school make this decision?

In fact, this is only a small part of the effort being made under Gender Equality. Gender equality means gender equality. The initiative aims to end gender discrimination between men and women.

Nowadays boys and girls wear different dresses in schools. There is no scientific reason behind wearing different dresses, but there is a physical make-up.

Different dress codes for girls make it difficult for them to walk and work. At the same time it is a symbol of gender inequality. For this reason, a gender neutral dress code has long been in demand. The school has taken this decision to further this initiative. Praising the decision, Kerala Education Minister V. “We need more such efforts to achieve the goal of gender equality,” Sivakutty said.

This photo was tweeted by Kerala Education Minister V Shivakutty.

What other initiatives are being taken in schools to promote gender equality?

According to experts, the idea of ​​gender equality must be instilled in children from school. So different initiatives are being taken in different schools around the world to promote gender equality.

Gender Neutral Toilets
Gender Neutral Toilets are also being introduced in schools around the world. Gender neutral toilets are toilets that can be used by children of all three genders. Apart from schools, similar toilets are also being installed in public places.

Gender Sensitivity Syllabus

Many countries are working on modifying their school and college syllabi to make them gender sensitive. It includes programs ranging from syllabus changes to teacher training. Kerala’s education minister has also said that the syllabus will be changed to raise awareness about gender equality.

Period box
, even if this was a follow-inisiyetivane Some schools in India, but it is considered a successful inisiyetiva. Under which period boxes were installed in schools. The box contained sanitary pads and napkins used during the period. At the same time, question-answer sessions were organized in schools on the period and related questions.

Consent Classes Consent classes were
first organized for students in Kenya. Many countries have since taken the initiative. In such classes, female students were given the meaning of consent as well as self-defense training.