Guardian – Personal & Family Safety Application Download a New app for women’s safety, location tracking made easy

Guardian – Personal & Family Safety Application Download: App for caller identification A new app from Truecaller is available for women’s safety. This application is called Guardians. By selecting Always Disclose the location, ladies using this app can always disclose their whereabouts to their guardians, such as family or friends. Or, in an emergency, you can let your relatives know where you are.

Guardian – Personal & Family Safety Application Download a New app for women’s safety, location tracking made easy

Women make up 40–45% of all Truecaller users.
According to Truecaller, there are 270 million users in India overall, of which 200 million are active users and 40 to 45 percent of them are women. The team from Stockholm and India collaborated to create this software over the course of 15 months. The developer claims that this app was created specifically with women’s safety in mind.

Guardians differ from other apps for location sharing and personal safety.

There are countless apps available for sharing whereabouts and ensuring personal safety, according to co-founder and CEO of Truecaller Alan Mamedi. However, none of these apps function in the same way as the Guardians app would. He added that he has noticed a demand for the app in India from the very beginning. Soon, local law enforcement will be connected to the Guardians app so that they can receive alerts in the event of an emergency.

Through the Guardians app, you may share your location with an unlimited number of individuals.

You must provide this app permission to access your location, contacts, and phone. The next person can also view the battery and network health of your mobile device in addition to the location. in order for them to comprehend how long the phone will last. Guardians’ user interface is really straightforward. You can share your location with anybody you wish with this app. Additionally, you are free to discontinue sharing the location at any time.

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There is an emergency button in the app.
The developer claims that despite sharing your location with this software, your smartphone’s battery life is the best. You can tap the device’s emergency button to alert your guardians.

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