Gram Panchayat Election Fight:Voting for 8684 Gram Panchayat elections in the state, 27,200 candidates for Sarpanch post and 1,19,998 candidates for members.

  • 1167 gram panchayats have become completely uncontested
  • 6446 gram panchayats have become partially uncontested

Gram Panchayat elections have been held in the state today. The mechanism is in place to prevent any untoward incident during the voting process. Extremely sensitive polling stations have been identified in the state. At the same time, arrangements have been made for the police officers to go to the police and staff including home guards to ensure a peaceful election. When the police are being patrol round the cloak by police on mostensitive polling centers. The mechanism is in place for the election to take place in an overall peaceful atmosphere. Then let us know the A to Z information of Gram Panchayat election battle.

Elections held in 8,684 gram panchayats Elections have been held in
8684 gram panchayats of the state today. In these Gram Panchayats, a total of 27 thousand 200 candidates are fighting for the post of 8560 Sarpanch. While an election battle is being fought between 1 lakh 19 thousand 998 candidates to elect 53 thousand 507 members.

How many voters will exercise their franchise in total?
A total of 1 crore 82 lakh 15 thousand 013 voters will exercise their franchise for 8684 gram panchayat elections. Of which 93 lakh 69 thousand 202 are male voters, while 88 lakh 45 thousand 811 are female voters.

A total of 23 thousand 907 polling stations will be set up for the Gram Panchayat elections in the state where 3,074 highly sensitive polling stations have been identified. In which 6 thousand 656 polling stations have been declared sensitive and 3074 polling stations have been declared extremely sensitive.

total of 51 thousand 747 police personnel have been deployed in 8664 gram panchayats to ensure peaceful polling during the elections. 2,546 election officials, 2,827 assistant election officers and 1 lakh 37 thousand 466 polling staff are on duty for the voting process.