Findings of Project Life Saving Report:More than 14 lakh people in Gujarat were treated under PM-JAY scheme during Corona period, in which not a single Kovid patient was admitted!

  • The state reported less than 1.3 million cases and 43,000 Kovid deaths
  • 10 lakh 1250 deaths from covid in Maharashtra, 167 in Gujarat!

    The highest number of 14.02 lakh patients were treated in Gujarat under the Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PM-JAY) during the Corona period but not a single case was registered as Kovid patient on the IT platform of National Health Authority. In addition, the state has reduced the number of positive cases of 13 lakh cores and 43,000 covid deaths. Such findings are reflected in the latest Project Life Saving report ‘PM-JAY Execution and Efficiency Review Focus: Western State Report’.

    A study of medical insurance cases against Corona’s case and death claims against Covid’s death has led to such a conclusion. According to the report, the death toll in Kovid is around 10 lakh 1250 in Maharashtra while it is only 167 in Gujarat. As on October 30, Maharashtra has recorded 66.11 lakh crore positive cases and 1.40 lakh deaths as against 8.26 lakh positive cases and 10 thousand deaths in Gujarat.

    The treatment insurance claim in the state is 39 per cent higher than the positive case which is 27 per cent higher than Maharashtra. Death claims from covid are 13 per cent in Maharashtra and 43 per cent in Gujarat.

    Mysore Sanjeev, convener of Maharashtra’s most transparent project Jeevan Raksha, said a study of statistics has shown that Maharashtra is the most transparent in providing assistance to the people in addition to declaring positive cases and deaths. In contrast, very few figures have been released in Gujarat.

    40% of cancer patients admitted in
    top-25 PM-JAY hospitals Admission of 2,96,274 patients was registered in the top 25 PM-JAY panel hospitals of Gujarat at a cost of Rs. 645 crore. Therefore, the average cost of treatment per patient is Rs. 21770. Against which Rs 333 crore was spent against 1,66,833 admissions in Maharashtra’s top 25 PM-JAY hospitals. The average cost per patient was Rs 19,960. Notably, most of the top 25 hospitals in Gujarat are private hospitals. In addition there are 8 cancer hospitals. About 40% of the patients admitted to these hospitals were admitted for cancer treatment. Of these, 7 are in Ahmedabad and 5 in Vadodara.