External Affairs Ministry’s reply in Lok Sabha:More than 2,000 Indians killed in accidents abroad in 3 years; The highest death toll from accidents and covid is in the UAE and Kuwait

Covid’s death toll in one year is more than one and a half times higher than the number of accidental deaths of Indians working abroad in the last three years. In 2019, 1,100 Indians died in accidents on foreign soil, compared to 838 in 2020 and 446 in 2021. Against this, the number of Indians who lost the life of Kovid is 4048. This information has been presented by the Ministry of External Affairs during the Lok Sabha Question Hour. Accidental deaths of Indians have been reported in 63 countries in the last three years. There are 85 other countries where 1 to 1154 Indians have lost their lives due to Kovid.

Apart from Kovid, the highest number of Indians dying in foreign lands due to accidents is recorded in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait. Accidental and cowardly deaths are highest in the UAE, among the countries where Indians are selected for study and employment. But in Canada, 41 Indians have lost their lives by accident and only 2 by Kovid. 21 Indians have been killed in an accident in Australia but not a single one has died due to covid. Even in China, the number of Indians who lost their lives due to covid is zero. 5 have died in an accident here.

The highest death toll among Indians in the Middle East

Country Death from covid Accidental death in 3 years
Saudi Arabia 1154 683
UAE 894 370
Kuwait 668 195
Oman 551 94
Bahrain 200 44
Queue 109 60
Nepal 43 227
Philippines 5 153
Malaysia 21 76
Singapore 2 55
Total 4048 2384

The families of 468 Indians have not received financial assistance

The families of 468 Indians who lost their lives in accidents on foreign soil have not received financial assistance or justice. The list includes 13 countries, with Kuwait having the highest number of cases at 142. There are 127 cases in Oman and 85 in Saudi Arabia. There are also 24 cases pending in the UAE. One case each is pending in Yemen and South Africa.