EIU report:Ahmedabad is the seventh cheapest city in the world, Tel Aviv in Israel is the most expensive city in the world, Damascus in Syria is the cheapest.

  • Ranking of cities based on living standards and spending in 173 countries of the world
  • Worldwide Cost of Living Survey, not a single city in the country where petrol is expensive

    Ahmedabad, the country’s first heritage city and Gujarat’s economic capital, has become the seventh cheapest city in the world. The Economist Intelligence Unit recently released a report titled ‘Worldwide Cost of Living Survey 2021’. The report ranks 173 countries around the world based on fluctuations in living standards and spending.

    The list does not include any city in India except Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad has 37 points in the WCOL index and is ranked 167th, making it the seventh cheapest city. In this index, Karachi city of Pakistan got 36 points and is ranked 168th. Thus, Karachi has surpassed Ahmedabad as the cheapest city. The cheapest city in the world is Damascus in Syria with only 12 points. Israel’s Tel Aviv has been declared the most expensive city with 106 points.

    Ahmedabad is included in this list of 173 countries for the first time. Among the cheapest cities in the report, Ahmedabad and Tunisia’s Tunis City are specially noted. The list also includes the most expensive cities in terms of petrol prices. It also does not include a single metro city in India. Gasoline prices are highest in Hong Kong. Tel Aviv ranks fourth on this list.

    Tel Aviv, Israel is the most expensive city in the world, with property prices skyrocketing

    Tel Aviv, Israel is the most expensive city in the world. The strength of the country’s currency shackles is one of the main reasons for the rise in inflation. The prices of food and property are also rising fast.

    The most expensive cities in the world

    Rank City Country WCOL
    1 Tel Aviv Israel 106
    2 Paris France 104
    2 Singapore Singapore 104
    4 Zurich Switzerland 103
    5 Hong Kong China 101
    6 New York US 100
    7 Geneva Switzerland 99
    8 Copenhagen Denmark 97
    9 Los Angeles US 96
    10 Okasa Japan 94

    The cheapest cities in the world

    Rank City Country WCOL
    1 Damascus Syria 12
    2 Tripoli Libya 23
    3 Tashkent Uzbekistan 30
    4 Tunisia Tunisia 33
    5 Almaty Kazakhstan 35
    6 Karachi Pakistan 36
    7 Ahmedabad India 37
    8 Algiers Algeria 38
    9 Buenos Aires Argentina 39
    10 Lusaka Zambia 39