E Shram Card PDF Download Using Mobile Number Or Aadhaar

E Shram Card PDF Download Using Mobile Number Or Aadhaar: @ eshram.gov.in with your UAN, Mobile Number, or Aadhar Card – Candidates may need to download their e-SHRAM Card for a variety of reasons, such as those who have not yet accepted their card or those who have already downloaded their card and desire to do it again. Candidates may download the e-SHRAM Card for various reasons and in various ways, depending on their comfort level. We will learn how to download the card and its motive and benefits in this section. There are many more download tactics that we shall discuss below.

E Shram Card PDF Download Using Mobile Number Or Aadhaar
E Shram Card PDF Download Using Mobile Number Or Aadhaar

Online E Shram Card PDF Download Using Mobile Number Or Aadhaar

eShram Card Download – Workers in chaotic ventures are eligible for the Shramik card program. Representatives qualified for this program will be eligible for financial assistance once they have been enlisted or enrolled in the program. Workers interested in applying must first ensure that they match the requirements, which may be found on the website eshram.gov.in.

E Shram Card PDF Download Using Mobile Number Or Aadhaar Purposes

The major purpose of being able to download the card from the website is to make it simple for beneficiaries to obtain a duplicate of the card, even if they have misplaced it or have only recently completed registration. This card has its unique set of advantages.

Benefits of Downloading an E Shram Card PDF Download Using Mobile Number Or Aadhaar

There are various advantages to obtaining the e-Shram Card via the Online Portal:

  • First and foremost, individuals who have misplaced their cards can easily download them by visiting the website, logging in, and then downloading it from there.
  • If a person successfully registered, they can obtain this card by downloading it online.
  • This card, like the Aadhar Card, has a 12-digit number that is unique. It demonstrates that workers in the unorganized sector are distinct, allowing the government to provide them with additional benefits.
  • Beneficiaries can download the card on their mobile device or through a computer, whichever is more convenient for them.
  • Many companies check to see if someone has an E Shram Card before assigning work in their provisional contractual agreements. So, in addition to the government benefits that these employees are eligible for, private companies can check their E Shram cards as part of their own checks.

E Shram Card Uan Download Eligibility

To obtain the E Shram Card, you must first be registered as a worker in the Shramik Scheme.
You also have to be between the ages of 18 and 59.

Documents Required for E Shram Card Download

The Required Documentation for Downloading the Card Is

  • Your Aadhaar Card is linked to your account.
  • And Cellphone Number to Obtain Otp for Login Purposes.

E Shram Card Pdf Download By Mobile And Aadhar

  • One of The Various Methods to Download the Card Is via A Cell Phone Number.
  • You Must First Visit the Official Website.
  • On the Homepage, Click the Register for An E-Shram Link.
  • After That, a New Page Will Appear on Which You Must Input Your Mobile Number Associated with The Account.
  • An Otp Will Then Be Issued to Your Mobile, Which You Must Then Verify.
  • When the Submit Button Is Clicked.
  • You Will Be Sent To A New Page Where You Will Be Required to Input the Aadhaar Number Found on Your Aadhaar Card.
  • However, You Must Remember that An Aadhar Card Must Be Registered for An E-Shram Card Before.
  • After Inputting the Aadhar Number, You Will Be Prompted for A Second Otp, Known as The Aadhar Otp. This Is Sent Immediately to The Phone Number Associated with Your Aadhar Card.
  • After Receiving the Otp on Your Mobile Device, You Must Input It on The Website Before Proceeding.
  • You Will Be Presented With A New Page with Two Alternatives, and You Must Click on The Download Uan Card.
  • After Selecting This Option, a Pdf Will Be Generated and Your Shram Card Will Be Shown; You Can Simply Present It at Home or At Any Store that Prints Documents.

At the Moment, You Can Only Download an E-Sram Card Using Your Mobile Number, Aadhar Card Number, and One-Time Password (OTP) but The Uan Number Is Not Available Yet. Once It’s Available We Will Update You Soon.

E-Shram Card Status Before Downloading

With an E-Shram Card, You Can Get a Unique 12-Digit Number. Which Is Known as The Universal Account Number! Which of The Workers Is Permanent? It’s Always the Same. if You’ve Tried to Get It! and Your E Shram Card Is Gone! so We Can Get the E-Shram Card Again by Following the Steps Below:

  • Anyone Who Wants to Download the Car Has to Follow a Set of Steps to Find out If They Can Do So.
  • The Thing Is, You Have to Check the Application’s Status to See if You’ve Been Paid or Not. You Can Also See the Option to Download the E-Shram Card After Checking the Status.
  • You Must First Go to The Official E Shram Portal.
  • On the Homepage, You Have to Click the Link that Says “Login with A Shram Card.”
  • So It’s Easy Because Your E-Shram Card Is Already Linked to Your Phone Number.
  • It only Takes Your Phone Number, Which Is Linked to Your Account, to Finish the Process.
  • You Have to Put in Your Mobile Number, and Then You’ll Get an Otp, Which You Have to Put In.
  • After You’ve Signed In, Click the Link on The Dashboard that Says “Check Card Status” to See how Your Card Is Doing.
  • You Have to Confirm All of Your Information and Picture, and It’s Easy to See if You’ve Been Paid or Not.
  • If You Haven’t Gotten Your First Payment Yet, It’s Cause for Concern, Since Everyone Was Supposed to Get the 1st Payment.
  • If You Are All Clear in Status You Can Easily Download the Card.

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FAQ E Shram Card Download

 How Do I Download My Lost Eshram Card?

The official link to download E Shram Card is https://register.eshram.gov.in. By going to this link, you will have to download the e-shram card by entering your mobile number and Aadhaar number and verifying the OTP.

 Can I Download My E Shram Card Pdf?

There are numerous benefits to downloading the e-shram card through the online portal: First of all, individuals who have lost their card can easily download it by going to the website, logging in, and then downloading it from there.

 How Can I Download Shram Card from Mobile Number?

Click on UPDATE. Now after filling in the UAN card number, date of birth, and captcha, click on Generate OTP. Now verify the mobile number by entering the received OTP. By clicking on Download UAN Card, the PDF file of your e-shram card will be downloaded.

 Can I Download E Shram Card by Uan Number?

Go to Eshram.Gov.In from Your Device. Secondly, Click on The Link Available Once the E Aadhar Card Beneficiary Status Check Link Is Available. After that, You Have to Enter Your Labor Card Number or Uan Number, or Aadhar Card Number. Enter the Portal and Then You Can See Your E Shram Payment Status 2023.