Drug Business:The transporter was apprehended from Niol check post in Surat with about 1 crore marijuana

An investigation is under way into who financed marijuana and where it came from

In Surat, under the Drugs Again No Compromise campaign, the DCB nabbed a transporter from the Niol checkpost with an estimated quantity of one crore marijuana. The DCB has turned a blind eye to several peddlers bringing marijuana from other cities in the home town of the home minister.

The accused,
Arun Mahadip (U.V.37), a resident of Dindoli area, who was caught with marijuana on Sunday from a Niol check post in the vicinity of Pune police station, was found to be a resident of Dindoli area and involved in transport business. Currently, the DCP police is conducting an in-depth interrogation of Ism, who was caught with marijuana worth crores of rupees.

Inquiries on issues including who ordered
drugs, who ordered drugs, who financed marijuana, where it was brought from, how often it was brought, to whom it is given. Investigations are being carried out in all such directions. Police sources said that the speed has been reduced based on the news. However, the inquiry is still pending.

Officers were busy interrogating the accused all night, likely to come up with the names of the big heads. Meanwhile, the accused was brought to Civil this morning for investigation and physical examination of Kovid-19 along with a list of NDPS cases. It can also be said that Dindoli’s Issam, who was caught with drugs, opens the polls of many and there is no denying that many big heads were killed in the next day.

DCB team has nabbed two drug peddlers who were selling stolen bikes and intoxicating MDs with the money. Both the smugglers were intoxicated by taking MD drugs from Rander, Vesu and Adajan areas. Among the arrested thieves are Zeeshan alias Rikki Mazhar Sheikh (32) (Rahe, Rajachok, Bhindi Bazar, Sachin) and Syed Uzaz Syed Nur Mohammad Syed (21) (Rahe, Anukul Nagar, Unpatia). 5 stolen bikes worth Rs 95,000 were seized from both the thieves. After getting drunk on MD, the two thieves got on the bike and left the bike unattended where the petrol ran out. Crimes of theft of five bikes have been solved.