Diwali Crackers And Magic Touch Fireworks

Let’s start celebration and enjoy the Diwali with Diwali cracker game. In this Diwali Games application you can blast various crackers like Sparklers And Chakra or Ground Spinner And Flower Pots, Colour Fountains And Rockets And Atom Bombs or Sounding Crackers And Flashlight Crackers etc.

Diwali Crackers And Magic Touch Fireworks

Diwali Festival is a religious Hindu festiva And celebrated as festival of lights by lighting lamps on the homes, streets And shops And temples etc. and also Bursting of crackers everywhere.

While using this Diwali Games app And it will be a mind blowing feeling likes Blasting cracker in real time.

As real time crackers are Hazardous to our safeties And Especially when it comes of kids And this Diwali Crackers app put back the place of original crackers.

Features :

  • You can blasting all types of Virtually Crackers.
  • Fantabulous Fire works Simulators with sound effects.
  • Diwali Crackers Completely free app to download.
  • Diwali Crackers Very Realistic Diwali crackers along with Sound.
  • Created with realistiic and beautiful animated backgrounds

Crackers Burst :
In this Diwali Games app you can burst all kinds of crackers such flowers pot Animation, rocket showers animation And Bucharest Animation with virtually cracker sounds cape Happy Diwali.

Unlimited Backgrounds :

  • In this category And you can burst unlimited crackers by touching anywhere on the screen with colorful lighting backgrounds.
  • It’s the great time to have fun and to spreading the joy with happiness. Happy Diwali Wishes.
  • Light a lamp of love.
  • Blast a chain of sorrow.

Shoot a rocket of prosperity.Fire a flowerpot of happiness.Wish u and your family.

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