Digital Transformation:Direct brokers to increase security to prevent cyber fraud

Market regulator SEBI has directed the broking community to increase security measures to protect their customers from cyber fraud. As well as to develop technology to simplify the investment process in the market. Addressing the Association of National Exchange Members of India (ANMI), SEBI Executive Director GP Garg has appealed to brokers to give maximum benefit to consumers through innovation.

As well as developing secure technology to prevent cyber fraud with consumers. The epidemic has led to digital changes in lifestyles, including financial and equity. People have switched from offline to online. Investors need to be provided with a convenient solution. Which may prove helpful in preventing cyber fraud in the future.

Simple and transparent technological solutions make it easy even for non-techno-savvy investors. With more than 900 members and a group of brokers from BSE, NSE, MCX and other markets, the EMMI survey found that 92.6 per cent of stockbrokers increased their investments in technology.

While 65.8 per cent people discussed technology in the board meeting. Brokers are committed to providing favorable services to investors by upgrading technology with an emphasis on digitization. Fi from the epidemic. The landscape of technology has changed. Most capital market companies today have upgraded their business models.