Crypto craze:1000% increase in investment of Gujaratis in a year; The number of Ahmedabadis investing in crypto has increased by 1065%

  • The number of women investors is significantly higher than that of men

A new toy called Crypto is being offered to Gujarati investors who are betting lakhs of crores even on the number of notes sitting on the pole of Baby or Ahmedabad.

In one year, Gujaratis have done crypto speculation. Due to this, the number of investors in the current calendar year has increased by 1088.33 per cent so far as compared to the previous year. Of those, 47 per cent have joined the crypto market in the last six months, according to the annual report of the country’s top crypto exchange, Wazirex. According to his report, the number of Ahmedabadis investing in crypto has increased by 1065 per cent, from Vadodara by 1300 per cent and from Surat by 900 per cent. The trend of investing in cryptocurrencies has steadily increased since the Kovid epidemic.

More than 10 million Indian investors are currently trading at રે 43 billion in Wazirex. Which shows a growth of 1735 per cent against 2020. Female users increased by 1009 per cent while male users increased by 829 per cent. Wazirex, however, does not have an exact figure. These figures are based on a survey he conducted.

The number of Gujaratis in the market has increased by 32%. In
terms of the number of investors registered on the BSE, the number of investors from Gujarat has increased by 32.39% in the last one year to 1.02 crore. While the number of young investors has increased to earn from the crypto market which is very new and has a daily volatility of 3 to 4 thousand dollars. Crypto investment in the under-35 age group has increased to protect investments through hedging against inflation. 66% of the users in the market are in this age group.

10% investment in crypto in portfolio of 44% People
Wazirex’s survey found that 44% of people are investing in 10% crypto in their portfolio. While only 11 per cent of people over the age of 51 and 29 per cent of people aged 18 to 24 invest 50 per cent of their portfolio in crypto.

Reasons behind increasing investment in crypto

  • How to raise capital online in the financial crisis of Covid-19
  • Increased investment through Indian crypto exchanges
  • 82% of WizRex users also made a profit from crypto investments
  • Impact of Central Government’s Positive Statement on Crypto Recognition
  • Reports of the introduction of the Crypto Regulation Bill in the winter session

Crypto Bill will create employment and wealth in the Innovative Market If the
Positive Regulations on Cryptocurrency Bill is passed, employment will be created in the Innovative Crypto Industry. It is hoped that more than 8 lakh jobs will be created in this segment by 2030. Besides, Indians will become self-reliant by creating wealth. – Nishchal Shetty, CEO, Wazirex