Corona vaccination:100% vaccination of both doses in the new Matravad of Rajkot: the first village in the district to achieve this feat.

  • Rajkot District Development Officer thanked the villagers for the work of the health department

After the Diwali festival in Gujarat, the transition to Koro is slowly increasing. At such times the government has been appealing at every stage that citizens must take the vaccine to protect themselves and their families from corona. Specialist doctors in the state have also advised people to get vaccinated. In the new Matravad village in Rajkot district, both the doses have been vaccinated 100 percent. The new Matravad district has become the first village to achieve this feat.

Giving information on this occasion, Rajkot District Development Officer Dev Chaudhary thanked all the villagers who participated in the vaccination campaign and took the vaccine and congratulated the team for the work of the health department.

It may be mentioned that Nawa Matravad is a village in Jamkandora taluka, and Chitravad comes under PHC. Every adult villager here has taken both doses of anti-corona vaccine to show awareness. The target was to vaccinate 214 people over the age of 18, which has been achieved. Notably, there are more misconceptions about vaccines in rural areas. So it is challenging to get rid of people’s misconceptions and get 100 percent vaccinated. However, the Health Department of Rajkot District Panchayat has achieved this target which is commendable.