Corona transition:In Surat, four children, including a DPS standard 3 student, became infected, all four were infected by family members.

  • One of the infected children is only 2 years old, the other is 8 years old, the third is 9 years old and the fourth is 13 years old.
  • Parineeta also became infected after 2 infected people were found in a flat in Surya Complex

    DPS School Std. 4 children including 3 students were found and a total of 11 corons were found positive. One of the children is only 2 years old, the other is 8 years old, the third is 9 years old and the fourth is 13 years old. All four children have a history of infection from their family members. A 37-year-old woman from the family also became infected on Saturday after two members of the Surya Complex family became infected. While two elderly people living in the South West Zone area have been infected from the hospital. An elderly relative was admitted to the hospital and was shifted to the hospital.

    As well as an elderly man going to the hospital for his chemotherapy treatment and from there he contracted an infection. Similarly, the 66-year-old father is now infected after his son’s earlier report came positive in Vesu’s Celebrity Green. The total number of Corona positive cases in the city-district has risen to 144,132 with 11 positive cases reported on Saturday. Not a single Corona patient died in the city and district on Saturday. The total death toll in the city-district corona so far has been 2117. On Saturday, 4 patients from the city beat the corona and the number of patients recovering has risen to 141959. Also, the number of active cases has gone up to 56.

    28 children tested in
    DPS The report of an 8-year-old student of DPS school came positive after the family came in contact with a positive patient. The student had not been to school for a week. As part of the vigil, the health department sent a Dhanwantari chariot to the DPS school on Saturday for testing and took 28 samples. None of the students reported positive. On Monday, the health department will again take samples of other students and check them.

    Doors and windows of AC BRTS and electric buses to be kept open
    Surat: The municipality has decided to operate keeping the doors and windows of AC buses used in transportation services open Considering the possibility of increasing the transition rate in air tight doors as the AC is on, the municipality has started keeping the doors of BRTS and electric buses running on various routes open. A total of more than 170 AC buses, including BRTS and electric buses, are currently operating on various routes in the city.