Conjunctivitis: Remedies to prevent eye irritation

Conjunctivitis: Remedies to prevent eye irritation

Conjunctivitis: Remedies to prevent eye irritation: There is an increase in the number of cases of the virus currently seen in cities. Cases of AD infection are increasing. Cases due to this virus infection are increasing.

  • The steady rise in eye cases.
  • Immediately consult a doctor.


This virus is commonly called eye flu. There is a constant increase in this virus in cities. There is no need to panic with this virus found in the eyes, but get proper treatment from the nearest health center and take necessary precautions to prevent further spread. Day by day this disease is spreading among people in a short time. Also, in case of eye infection, home remedies are believed by the patients, are not suitable, it is better to get treatment for the disease from a specialist doctor.

Symptoms of conjunctivitis/conjunctivitis

  • Red eyes.
  • Itchy eyes.
  • Constant watery eyes.
  • Eye pain.
  • Sticking of the eyelids.
  • Sometimes pus may also come out of the eye.

Causes of conjunctivitis

Viral and bacterial conjunctivitis

  • Get infected by sneezing/coughing
  • through direct contact

Allergic conjunctivitis

  • from pet dander
  • from dust-particulate waste
  • From flower-fruit pollination

What to do to prevent conjunctivitis

  • An infected person should wear glasses
  • If there is water coming out of the eyes, clean it with tissue paper when it flows on the cheeks.
  • Keeping the handkerchief of an infected person separate.
  • An infected person should wash their hands frequently.
  • A parent caring for an infectious child should wash their hands frequently.
  • Get treatment as per the doctor’s advice.

What not to do to prevent conjunctivitis

  • Do not touch the eyes with your hands or rub your eyes.
  • Avoid shaking hands with an infected person and do not touch anything that is close to him.
  • Avoiding the use of items used by an infected person.
  • Do not self-inject antibiotic or steroid drops into the eye.
  • Avoiding other children playing with infected children.
  • Consult a doctor.

Note: We have received this information through various social media so if you experience the given symptoms, get an eye exam done by a doctor immediately.