Commodity Current:Silver is expected to jump to the level of 80,000 in the year 2022. Gold could reach 2000 2000 in the international market.

Analysts are predicting that 2022 will be a golden year for the bullion market. However, silver is expected to have a better return than gold. Silver in the global market can reach 30 30 and then 33 33 considering the industrial demand. While in the local, there are signs that silver is jumping above 80,000. Considering the return of 8-10% in gold, there is a possibility of 58000 in a year. The market trend will depend on how the rupee moves against the dollar in the forex market. The OPEC meeting on crude oil will see a boom-bust on whether to increase production.

rise in agri commodities has so far boosted futures trading with the aim of doubling the income of farmers dependent on imports and exports , but the government has banned nine agri futures for a year to curb the boom due to rising retail and wholesale inflation. Now the main basis of market boom-bust is on import-export trade. At present, there are no signs of recovery. The market for edible oils may decline.

Strong position in fear of production cuts
 Lead-Zinc Hotfavorite in New Year: New Year base metals are again optimistic of good returns in Copper-Nickel, Zinc and Aluminum. Aluminum had a 40% return in 2021. All metals have seen a pro-improvement mood.
2 Corona cases increase – rapid boom if production cuts: Rising number of new Corona cases will affect global supply, there are indications that the bullish tone will be maintained if demand is maintained.
3 will support new Chinese purchases: The market is largely dependent on how Chinese demand stays. China’s economy is growing fast which is positive for metals. It remains to be seen how the supply will stay.