Climate change:Two days of heavy rains forecast in Saurashtra including North, South Gujarat, with strong winds from early morning in many parts of the state

  • As soon as it rained, the atmosphere became colder and colder
  • Heavy rains lashed Girgarhda, Kodinar panth of Saurashtra yesterday evening

    The state meteorological department has forecast rains for two days today, December 1 and tomorrow. The effect was seen in Surat and Vadodara, including Ahmedabad, early this morning. A slow downpour lashed the eastern and western parts of Ahmedabad at 6 am. The weather was getting colder with the wind blowing. Candidates who came to run for LRD recruitment practice in the field early in the morning due to rain were also crushed in the cold.

    In Surat too, late night rains
    lashed most parts of the country late at night amid cloudy weather throughout the day. The city is forecast to receive up to half an inch of rain on Wednesday. Farmers are worried about the rain forecast. The city recorded a maximum temperature of 33.1 degrees and a minimum of 23.4 degrees. Humidity was 47 percent in the morning and 38 percent in the evening. It also rained in Navsari.

    Saurashtra also received unseasonal showers yesterday
    Saurashtra also received unseasonal showers yesterday

    Even in Saurashtra, the rainy
    weather is prevailing. Then suddenly the atmosphere changed. And with the onset of unseasonal rains in many places on Tuesday evening, farmers are worried. Two days of unseasonal rains were forecast by the meteorological department. The effect of which started on Tuesday afternoon. And there were thunderstorms in many places. There are reports of rains in some areas of Una and Girgarhda panth. These rains can cause extensive damage to mango orchards in addition to winter crops. So that farmers will also be hit financially. In some places in Amreli, unseasonal rains have fallen.

    Roads in Ahmedabad got wet early in the morning.
    Roads in Ahmedabad got wet early in the morning.

    The weather will be clear from Thursday
    , said Dhimant Vaghasia of Junagadh Krishi University Rural Weather Department, adding that the weather has changed since Tuesday. It was cloudy all day. On Wednesday, light to moderate rains are expected in scattered areas of the coast. Meanwhile, the atmosphere will be clear from Thursday. However, farmers are again worried about Mawtha. While soybean, groundnut and coriander income has been stopped in the yard due to Mawtha.