Breaking News:Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was born in Corona, quarantined at home

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has lost his temper. He reported this by tweeting at 8.11 am. “My coward’s report is positive,” he said. I have mild symptoms. I was quarantined at home. People who come in contact with me also get isolated and get tested.

4099 people became infected in Delhi on Monday. While 1509 people have recovered and one has died. So far 14.58 lakh people have been infected in Delhi. In which 14.22 lakh people have recovered and 25 thousand 110 people have died. 10986 people are undergoing treatment.

The Chief of the Covid Task Force said that the
third wave of Corona has started in the country. The corona’s new variant Omicron is the biggest reason for this. Chief of Covid Test Force Dr. NK Arora has confirmed this.

In a conversation with news channel NDTV, Dr. Arora said the first case of Omicron in the country came in the first week of December last year. After which this is spreading rapidly. Today Omicron cases are found in almost all the states (except some states).

The biggest concern is in metros like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata, where the number of infected people of the new variant has picked up speed in a month. In these cities 75% of the total cases of Omicron are found to be infected. Along with Omicron, corona cases are also growing rapidly across the country. There is no denying that there was a third wave.

Clearly the third wave
Dr. Arora told NDTV that 1700 cases of Omicron have already been officially registered in India. Maharashtra has the highest number of 510 cases. Corona cases have also increased by 22% in the country. The report of last 4-5 days only indicates that a third wave has come in the country. The Third Wave has clearly arrived in India and the new variant that dominates these scenes is Omicron.

Twice a week to speed
Dr. Arora has a big thing to say about Omicron. He said that 12% of all variants of national level last week were omikron in the same way that the genome sequencing of variants was done in the country. But last week this average reached 28%. It is spreading faster than other variants of the Corona. It is a growing concern in big cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata.