BJP MP drafts bill:Varun Gandhi will bring the private member’s bill of MSP guarantee

BJP MP Varun Gandhi has played one more game on the issue of farmers from Pilibhit who is constantly speaking on the issue of farmers’ movement. Varun is now going to bring a private member’s bill for the legal guarantee of MSP. On Sunday, he shared a draft of the proposed private member’s bill on social media.

Gandhi said the government would also set aside a fund of Rs 1 lakh crore for annual financial expenditure. Through the bill, Varun Gandhi has demanded a legal guarantee for MSPs on 22 crops. Gandhi has sent a draft of the bill to Parliament. However, it has not yet been introduced in Parliament.

According to the proposed bill, if a farmer is paid less than the stipulated MSP, he will be reimbursed the amount paid to him. It also proposes that payments be made directly to the farmers’ bank accounts within two days of the transaction. According to Varun Gandhi, if farmers get MSP guarantee, 93 million families will benefit and the rural economy will recover.