Age Calculator App for Android Smartphone Users

Age Calculator App for Android Smartphone User, The application is a free and light-weight, quick and simple to utilize application to compute your ordered age and find complete years, months, days, weeks, hours, minutes and seconds between two dates, It gives supportive data about date and time guide for over 1000 years; and furthermore it will give you master information and direct you in the correct bearing toward plan future.

Age Calculator App for Android Smartphone User
Age Calculator App for Android Smartphone User

Age Calculator App for Android Smartphone Users

The application gives an extremely straightforward UI that effectively compute your age and birthday, and furthermore you can add as numerous loved ones birthday celebrations and significant days as the need might have arisen, which is valuable for continue to follow and furthermore it is helpful to find date contrast between two dates like wedding commemoration, work commemorations, occasions, and so on…

Features on the Age Calculator app include

  1. Age Calculator allows you to find age in hours, minutes, and seconds and it’s likewise utilized as a date mini-computer
  2. Age Calculator gives a choice to compute dates sooner than 1900, for people who are intrigued to use it for research reasons. in the event that you need sooner than 1900 sort the year physically in the wake of picking a date
  3. This application upholds numerous date designs and furthermore upholds 24 hours and 12 hours time designs

Supports Multi Languages And Multi Color Theme

  1. Share your estimation results as a screen capture with various sorts of offer choices
  2. Add loved ones’ birthdays and commemorations in a hurry and get notices
  3. Sort loved ones’ information by age, name, the occasion name, date of birth, weekday, month, and impending birthday celebrations
  4. Reinforcement family and companions information in your gadget and reestablish the same when you wanted or when you change to a new gadget
  5. Compute your exact age and furthermore track down the forthcoming 10 non-weekend days of your birthday
  6. Track down how many months and days to go for your next birthday simply tapping on ascertain button
  7. Perform ordinary date number-crunching activities like expansion/deduction
  8. Track down the number of working and non-working days between dates
  9. Add/deduct days/months/years from a date
  10. To check regardless of whether the given year is a jump year and furthermore, you will get impending jump years
  11. This application shows the ongoing time region of your gadget
  12. This is an extraordinary device for anyone with any interest in date estimations

The age of an individual can be included diversely in various societies. This number cruncher depends on the most well-known age framework. In this framework, age develops at the birthday. For instance, the age of an individual that has lived for a very long time and 11 months is 3 and the age will go to 4 at his/her next birthday one month after the fact. Most Western nations utilize this age framework.
In certain societies, age is communicated by counting a very long time despite everything including the ongoing year. For instance, one individual who is twenty years of age is equivalent to one individual is in the twenty-first year of his/her life. In one of the conventional Chinese age frameworks, individuals are brought into the world at age 1 and the age grows up at the Traditional Chinese New Year rather than birthday. For instance, assuming one child was conceived only one day before the Traditional Chinese New Year, after 2 days the child will be at age 2 despite the fact that he/she is just 2 days old.

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